We're getting reports from citizens who tell us they have received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Golden Police Department or the FBI. On their Caller ID, it shows the phone number, 303-384-8045, which is our non-emergency dispatch number. However, THESE PHONE CALLS ARE NOT FROM US!  We are investigating to find out how the scammers were able to use our number. During the phone call, the citizens are told they have warrants and to avoid arrest, they must purchase some form of gift card and send them directly to the caller. There have been numerous victims of this scam over the last couple of weeks. 
These scammers are getting away with large sums of money!
Here's what you need to know.  The Golden Police Department:
  • will NEVER "cold call" you and say you have a warrant for your arrest.
  • will NEVER ask you to go get gift cards to pay off an alleged debt.
  • Calls from us will never come from the non-emergency dispatch number.  A call from us would show up as "restricted" or something similar because we have blocked phone numbers.
Another version of this scam targets college students.
  • The caller claims the student must pay delinquent loans or taxes to avoid arrest or other penalties.
  • The phone number used in the scam displays as the number of an FBI field office.
PLEASE REMEMBER , the FBI and local law enforcement DOES NOT call private citizens requesting money.
Never respond to unsolicited requests for personal information from callers you do not know!
Do not fall for these phone scams. If you have any questions, remember the name the "officer" or "agent" gave you, hang up and report the incident.  Please DO call our non-emergency number, 303-384-8045, to make a report.
For additional resources and information and how to report these types of scams, visit these websites:

To learn more about how criminals are able to "spoof" a phone number please read the following articles:

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We have seen an increase of thefts from vehicles over the last few weeks all over Golden.

Most of the vehicles were unlocked!

Please help us in reducing these crimes of convenience by following three simple rules.
  1. LOCK your car!  
  2. TAKE your keys!
  3. REMOVE your belongings!
Visit Coloradans Against Auto Theft for more information!

Check out the below article from the Federal Bureau of Investigation!  


This app could be very beneficial in an emergency if your child is missing.


FBI Child ID App 

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