Pet owners don't typically set out to intentionally harm their animals by leaving them in their car on hot days.  Yet every year, countless animals die needlessly in hot cars.

When humans overheat, we can remove layers or simply remove ourselves from the hot environment. Additionally, humans have a built-in cooling system in the form of sweating. But dogs or cats don't sweat. The only way they can cool themselves is to pant, which is much less efficient than sweating. They also can't take off their fur coats or remove themselves from a car that gets too hot.

You may think it's ok to leave them in the car to run a quick errand.  But it only takes a few minutes for the temperature in a car to soar to dangerously high levels, even on a cloudy day and with windows or sunroofs open.

Other factors to consider:
  • Insufficient ventilation
  • Direct sunlight vs. shade
  • The animal's: age/history/breed/coat type

How long does it take for a car to get HOT ?

outside F°
inside F°

10 mins 30 mins
  • Even in the shade, the temperature in the car can still soar quickly to dangerous levels.
  • Leaving the windows open has little effect on how hot it is inside the car.

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke in animals:
  • Excessive/heavy panting (open mouth)
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Increased salivation or sticky, dry tongue
  • High fever
  • Dark red gums
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Vomiting
  • Collapse
  • Warm, dry skin

Other Options:
If you can, leave your pet home. If you can't leave your pet at home, have a family member or friend stay with the animal in the car with the air conditioning running. If you are alone, only run 'pet friendly' errands when your animal is with you (i.e. places where your pet can go with you instead of staying in the car).

It could save their life!


Leaving your pet in a hot vehicle constitutes animal cruelty, and depending on the severity of the offense, the owner could be charged with a felony. If a summons is issued, monetary fines are likely and jail time is also possible.


A summons is the last resort. Our main goal is to educate pet owners on the danger of leaving animals in their cars on a hot day.

Call the Golden Police at 303-384-8045 to report an animal left in a vehicle on a hot day.

Immunity For Emergency Rescue From Locked Vehicle

The law does not take effect until August 9, 2017!

The bill provides immunity from civil and criminal liability for a person who forcibly enters a locked vehicle for the purpose of rendering assistance to an at-risk person or animal. To receive immunity, the person must:
  • Ensure the vehicle is not a law enforcement vehicle;
  • Have a reasonable belief that the person or animal is in imminent danger of death or suffering serious bodily injury;
  • Verify the vehicle is locked;
  • Make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or operator of the vehicle;
  • Contact a law enforcement or other first responder agency prior to forcibly entering the vehicle and not interfere with the actions of any such responding law enforcement agency;
  • Use no more force than reasonably necessary to enter the locked vehicle;
  • Remain with the at-risk person or animal in a safe location close to the vehicle until law enforcement or other first responder arrives at the scene; except that, if the person rendering assistance has to leave the scene before the owner or operator of the vehicle returns, prior to leaving the scene, the person rendering assistance shall leave a notice on the vehicle with his or her name and contact information and the name and location, if any, of the facility to which he or she took the at-risk person or animal. Also prior to leaving the scene, the person rendering assistance shall contact law enforcement, animal control, or other first responder to provide them with the same information.

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With summer in full swing, people are participating in more outdoor events. This includes going to baseball games, parks, and other fun activities. 

We are seeing an increase in break ins to cars in the area. Many have been occurring in the parking areas like at Tony Grampsas Memorial Park.

In most cases the windows have been left down or the doors have been unlocked.  The thief is simply reaching inside the open window or opening the door and taking what they want.

We would like to remind everyone three simple things:
  • Lock your doors / roll up your windows
  • Take your keys
  • Hide your belongings

One of the excuses we hear over and over again is people don't like to lock their cars because they don't want a criminal to break their window. Actually we rarely see thieves breaking out car windows to steal items in Golden. Especially in populated areas like the parking lots at parks. They don't want to attract attention with the noise.


For more information on preventing car break ins, visit:
Article3Mail Fraud

With the increase in fraud done over the internet, many forget about good old fashioned mail fraud.

It still occurs with some frequency. 

You will see it in the form of:
  • Free travel offers
  • Receiving a check in the mail
  • Sweepstakes winner
  • Winning a foreign lottery
  • Many, many others...
Please use caution whenever you receive offers in the mail!

Other fraud that can occur involving your mail is when the criminal drives by and steals your outgoing mail from your mailbox. They look for the red flag in the up position. They are typically looking for checks you have mailed to pay bills. The criminal then takes your check and uses it to commit check fraud. The victim usually doesn't know the criminal has taken their check for weeks. One way to protect yourself from mail theft is to take your outgoing mail to the post office and place it directly in an outgoing mailbox, or use one of the many located around town.

If you believe you have been victimized by mail fraud or wish to report suspicious activity, please  file a report here or call the Golden Police Department at 303-384-8045. 

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