As Bill Sees It
Will Power and Choice
"As we continue to make these choices and so move forward these high aspirations, our sanity returns and the compulsion to drink vanishes."
Page 88
Our Local Government has extended stay-at-home order until May 15th, Zoom Meeting in the area will continue.
A Fresh Look: New Websites for G.S.O. and Grapevine
The website was essentially a public information tool, containing answers to basis questions about A.A. and how to contact it. A.A.'s latest website redesign is scheduled to launch later this year.
Chapter 5 of the Big Book

Where did the custom that some groups will follow of reading Chapter 5 at the Beginning of a meeting get started? A man by the name of Mort. J sobered up in 1939 solely from reading the Big Book. He moved to Los Angles in 1940, and at his own expense rented a meeting room in the Cecil Hotel. He, "insisted on a reading from Chapter 5 of the A.A. book at the start of every session," according to Alcoholic Anonymous Comes of Age (page 93). The practice took
root on the West Coast and spread from there.

Step Four

Thinking about "On The Fourth Step" from the Book - Real AAs, Real Recovery "Step By Step"

"Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves."

Step 4: The Big Book describes the forth Step as "an effort to discover the truth about stock-in-trade... to disclose damaged or unsalable goods, to get rid of them promptly and without regret."

Whether they use their columns laid out in the Big Book--starting, with a list of resentments--or use the "seven deadly sins" as a guide to illumination flaws of behavior, AAs who have gone through the process agree that taking the Fourth Step, though painful, provides a humble look at themselves, a black and white list if where they can inprove in the future.

In addition, it is an exercise in forgiving the harm that others caused us, and looking at ourselves. "Where were we to blame? The inventory was ours, not the other man's.

Members have different approaches to Step Four and writing an inventory. Some of these experiences, and the emotional growth that follow with an spiritual experience.

Ending something heard at a meeting:
March 2008
I was so sick when I was new, at one point I asked another guy in my home group if I could copy his Fourth Step.
Michael K from Massachusetts

31st Annual-River Roundup

The River Roundup is the main support for Central Office in Bullhead City. Our office helps Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Lake Havasu City, Parker, Needles, Kingman and Laughlin.

Yes, positions have been filled! Planning has begun. With all the health issues going on this year meetings might be flexible and using more technology.

The Theme is "Let it Begin With Me"

2021 Logo Design contest has been extended to May 17, 2020
Dates for the Roundup January 7 thru January 10, 2021.

The Logo will be on T-Shirts and other retail items

Winners will receive a Free T-shirt or Hat and a ticket for the Banquet Dinner

Logo is Limited to 4 Colors

Do not turn in the original piece of art, it will not be returned.
Write you name, phone number and email on the back of the artwork so we can contact you.

Artwork to be turned into the: River City Central Office,
603 Marina Blvd, Bullhead City AZ or
Call Jennifer @ 404-372-6191 or Geri @ 609-744-1837 to arrange for pick up

The Winning Logo Design will be chosen by the Roundup Committee.

Coping with Stress

If you are like most Alcoholics, change can stress you out. So let's
bring in the COVID-19 virus and become even more stressed out, and yes I am including myself. With long term sobriety, I have had to change almost every aspect of my life, just like when I was a newcomer, I had to change in the way I thought and interacted with people. I do not want to bring up all the worry around this virus and just talk about how it feels in my recovery today.

I have been feeling way too many feelings again. Feeling anxious, frustrated and even afraid, questioning what is real and not real. The call for distancing is changing everything I was taught in A.A. Whatever the feeling is the virus has prompted, one thing for sure, the world in which we live in has changed. Even my AA has had to change. There is now a greater focus on personal hygiene, consideration for others and a shift in the way we conduct ourselves and meetings.

The day came when Tri-States closed almost all meeting locations and fellofw AA member were meeting in parks, bringing their own chairs and sitting 6 feet apart in small groups of ten. Some of Tri-States jumped on the new ZOOM meetings which were from areas much larger than our area. This is when I really felt like a newcomer. Change was happening and I had no control. This feeling brought me back 32 years ago ---on my first day in AA. Everything I knew and learned in AA was different. No hugs, no physical meetings, no meeting before the meeting or after the meeting. Thank God for a strong foundation in my program, slogans, and tools.

The frist tool I used was my phone. I made a point to call three AA members a day and two family members a day. I have longed for connection and this new world was taking away hope and replacing it with fear.

Tools that taught me I have a choice: to succumb to this new pressure, or leverage the opportunity for personal growth. For me, when things feel hopeless and times are tough, I end up thinking, feeling, and doing things that I never considered or even think it could be possible.

I reached out to the Women's meeting in Bullhead and asked how they would feel if we would put our group on the web meeting. The group conscious was unanimous and so the new journey began. The first couple of meetings were a challenge; however, being able to hear and see my peeps allowed me to remove the chaos and develop a new beginning. Our Alano Club in Bullhead also followed this path. Not sure where the new normal will be, but our little town reinvented itself with the program, and we as a community did our primary purpose by helping another alcoholic stay sober.
Our Local Government has extended stay-at-home order until May 15th, Zoom Meeting in the area will continue.
Roxanne S Bullhead City April 2020
A.A Members
Self -Support

The Seventh Tradition states that Alcoholic Anonymous is self-supporting through our own contributions. The contributions help to cover the groups' expenses. But seventh Tradition is more than simply paying for rent and other group expenses. It is both a privilege and a responsibility of the individual groups and members to ensure that our organization, at every level, remains forever self-supporting and free of outside influences that might divert us from our primary purpose.

The monetary amount of each contribution is secondary to the spiritual connection that joins us in unity with A.A. groups around the world.

Some Things To Think About

Personal thoughts:
  • What is the value of your sobriety?
  • Does your group know that contributions may be made online at
  • Gratitude, expressed through contributions, reaches the still-suffering alcoholic. F-42
  • While attending Zoom meeting have you supported your local AA Area?

The River Cities Central Office

New blinds have been put up in the office the place is looking pretty nice. When our area in no longer in quarantine, drop by to see the change.

Currently the office is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM to 3PM. Looking for more volunteers to help keep the office running.

Please keep in mind while meetings are online and the 7th tradition basket is not being passed around , our groups are still self supporting. The 7th Tradition is how Central Office Receives moneys. This year is going to be a challenge for all of us personally and at our Central Office. The office still has expenses and we alcoholics can still make a donations by doing the Faithful Fiver. This program is $5.00 a month to help the Central Office.

Please remember we all have Elections coming up at Central Office for "The Intergroup Committee Officers" they are voted into position. The are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions are like all AA positions and have term limits. (Spirit of Rotation) Elections will be coming up sometime soon. If you are interested please come to a meeting to learn more. The Intergroup meetings are the second Monday of every month.
Central Office Activity
Re-cap of March : No Meeting in March
Meetings at Central Office :
Intergroup Meeting Second Monday @ 6:30 PM
Dist. 09-903 Business Meeting 3rd Monday @ 6:00 PM
River Cities Roundup 3rd Sunday @ 2:30 PM


AA Meetings in the area

Lake Havasu Area