Copperloy Loading Dock Equipment
Copperloy designs and manufactures loading dock equipment to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity. Our yard ramps, dock boards, and other products have many designs to fit a variety of unique situations. We design our products to not only to increase productivity but also to significantly improve safety standards.
Yard Ramps
Copperloy yard ramps are designed with unique specifications to make the loading process smoother and safer. These ramps have many unique attributes:
  • 8-foot level off for easy forklift access.
  • Hydraulic pump located on outside.
  • Low-end Plate
  • Safety Curb
  • Solid Pneumatic Tires

Dock Boards
Copperloy's Dock Boards can be customized to tackle any unique situation, handle difficult challenges, or they can even fit preexisting spaces or equipment. We offer both steel and aluminum dock boards with either steel or aluminum curbs. Our dock boards significantly improve forklift mobility on the loading dock.

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