Big Steel Ramps | Copperloy | Made in the USA

If searching for Big Steel Ramps that are made in the USA Copperloy is your answer. With a multitude of features and made of high-strength steel why would you keep searching elsewhere? Copperloy has been manufacturing yard ramps for 50 plus years and they design them with safety in mind.
Big Steel Ramp features:
  •  one cylinder ramp design uses less pressure to lift ramp
  • A seven-inch curb to prevent accidental runoff
  • High strength serrated steel deck grating for an all-weather, high traction running surface
  • A 15-inch lip to secure the ramp rigidly in place
  • 8-foot level off easily access trucks, loading docks, and platforms
  • One cylinder ramp design uses less pressure to lift ramp
  • Beveled low-end plate for a smoother transfer
  • Centrally located cylinder for a decreased chance of tipping
  • Made from A572-50 high strength steel with 50,000-pound minimum
  • Capacities range from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds with widths of either 70 or 84 inches
  • Hand pump conveniently located on outside of the frame
  • And all of Copperloy's yard ramps come with safety chains included for extra security

With all these added features it's easy to see why Copperloy is one of the top manufacturers for big steel ramps. In addition, these features allow for an easier operation giving a faster raise time and ensuring greater stability while having less wear and tear.
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