A group named the "Coalition for Fair Trade in Ceramic Tile", or FTCT, has filed a preliminary antidumping petition against Chinese tile entering the United States. The products covered by this petition include ceramic tile, regardless of the percent water absorption, including porcelain tile (.05% or less water absorption) vitreous tile (over 0.5% to 3% water absorption), semi-vitreous tile (over 3% to 7% water absorption), and non-vitreous tile (over 7% water absorption). Subject merchandise includes glazed and unglazed ceramic flooring and wall tile, countertop tile, paving tile, and the like whether or not the tile is on a backing.

If any of our clients are interested in learning more about this and responding to the Commission's inquiry, please contact Bob Glover in our Los Angeles office at the below link. Proposed ADD rates would range from 178.22-428.58%. Thanks to GDLSK for their summary announcement . Here is a direct link to the USITC's page for the investigation.