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When Disaster Strikes: Coppersmith’s Role

Natural disasters are a stark reminder of nature’s unpredictability. From typhoons and tornadoes to earthquakes and floods, these cataclysms can play havoc with the best-laid logistics plans, leading to delays, damages, or even catastrophic loss. For businesses, the ripple effect of these events can be disastrous unless they are prepared. This is where Coppersmith steps in, making a distinct mark in the logistics industry by ensuring businesses are prepared and resilient in the face of such calamities.

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A new destination at LAX just for dogs. 

We at Coppersmith Global Logistics had the honor of assisting the co-founders, Jill and Patti, in bringing this noble idea to life. Coppersmith diligently coordinated with airlines, scrutinizing and confirming compliance with the regulations and ensuring the animals’ information was meticulously documented.

We also worked with them to get their kennel set up as a bonded Container Freight Station (CFS). (This means that they have the authority from CBP to receive shipments that are under a customs bond.) This dedicated effort made the transition of the rescued animals from overseas to LAX not only smoother for the organizers but, just as importantly, comfortable for the dogs.

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Cargo insurance is critical.

Remember accidents can happen anywhere.

Adequate insurance protects your shipment from pilferage, loss, accidents and weather.

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Blanked sailings have managed to keep rates steady as carriers try to balance demand and capacity. Providing a solution for the cost and service discrepancy helps as more shippers plan for their holiday inventory. As long as the carriers seem steady, customers are satisfied with the current balance.

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Drought conditions at the Panama Canal have worsened, prompting shipping companies to plan for a year long series of restrictions. Reducing allowable passes to thirty-two per day means that ships that don't have a confirmed booking will have to purchase one at auction, possibly costing around $1 million each.

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