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Another tentative agreement reached!

UPDATED 7/20/23 10:00 AM

After a brief strike that was ruled illegal since the proper notice wasn’t given, the Canadian ILWU is back on the job. Both sides returned to the negotiating table after the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) stressed the need for compromise before the Canadian Parliament reconvenes and forces a return to work. Preferring a negotiated agreement before taking such drastic steps, we’re hoping this final kerfuffle is enough to eke out an end to the disruption. Coppersmith will continue to update this post with updated information as we receive it.

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UPS agreement announced!

Your logistics plan should include the expertise and knowledge of a seasoned logistics company, and after almost eighty years, Coppersmith has seen it all. We know how to proactively prepare for cargo delays by looking at new routings, checking alternative carriers, and pivoting to other modalities if urgency strikes. 


Our full-service approach to your cargo means you have the decades of knowledge we have built ready to deploy for you. If you want to feel the difference that comes with wisdom, contact your Coppersmith representative today. 

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Cargo insurance is critical.

Remember accidents can happen anywhere.

Adequate insurance protects your shipment from pilferage, loss, accidents and weather.

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UPS and the Teamsters union have come to an agreement on their new contract, letting the industry relax with a sigh of relief after threats of work stoppages and rising costs of alternative transportation. After a season of labor issues, we're happy to see agreements coming through instead of more disruption.

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Significant delays are impacting the Panama Canal as drought conditions continue to impact the Central American shortcut. Reducing the available draft to 13.14 meters, the Canal will reduce the number of passes to 32 per day, down from an optimum 40. Coppersmith will update this as more develops.

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