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Adding the Power of PayCargo

The goal of a forward-thinking, proactive forwarder is to make the process of importing and exporting easier for our clients. That responsibility isn’t limited to just the shipping and documentation – at Coppersmith, we believe that any steps we can take to make our clients’ lives more efficient are beneficial. This outlook makes us proud to announce that you can now pay your Coppersmith bill electronically with PayCargo.
Port of Long Beach smashes annual record
The Port of Long Beach reported that it moved more cargo in 2021 than any year in its 110-year history. The news was not a surprise: The world had watched as the port was flooded with what it called a “historic, pandemic-induced import surge.”
Supply Chain Challenges May Cost Footwear Industry
Ongoing supply chain challenges are expected to continue to impede the ability to meet consumer demand this year, and the North American apparel and footwear industry is slated to miss out on billions.
In a new analysis from global consultancy Kearney, continued supply chain disruptions could cost the North American apparel and footwear industry between $9 and $17 billion in lost EBITDA in 2022.
Fewer shipments, higher trucking costs in 4th quarter
U.S. truck shipment totals slowed in the fourth quarter, but the cost of moving those goods increased, according to the quarterly report by U.S. Bank. The bank is a major processor of invoices. It has data on the cost of moving freight, the number of shipments moved and how long it took to move them. Read more about how this is affecting cargo.

One of the most critical parts of the Lunar New Year celebration is the incorporation of fireworks everywhere from family events to city-wide extravaganzas. Unlike local events in the United States, the Lunar New Year celebrations in Asia aren’t dependent on imported fireworks. This should make the acquisition and preparation of fireworks displays for celebrations in Asia easy, but when pandemic control measures ramp up, even these local goodies can be delayed or derailed while on their cargo journey.
Ukraine is on a knife’s edge. Russian troops are amassed at its border. The U.S., EU, and U.K. warn of severe consequences if Russia attacks, which the U.S. believes could happen at any moment. How could a Russian invasion impact ocean shipping?
Reduced container shipping capacity on intra-Asia trade lanes has led to fewer sailings, higher rates, and increased costs. Shipping lines have deployed as much capacity as possible on the more-lucrative transpacific and Asia-Europe trades.
Lufthansa Cargo has advised customers to cancel all transit bookings, saying in a note to customers this morning: “We unfortunately see no other option at the moment than to take some measures at the Frankfurt hub. As of now … there will be a transit embargo for Frankfurt.”
The U.S. FMC met during both open and closed session to be briefed on the Commission’s efforts to address ocean carriers’ detention and demurrage practices, improve supply chain data transparency, and an ongoing investigation of Canadian government ballast water regulations.
Stormy weather rocked a container ship carrying upcoming cookbooks. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, people are going to have to wait a little longer to show this book to anyone — although there's a chance that Neptune might get his hands on an early copy.