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AMS marketing order filing goes digital

CBP's Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and the Participating Government Agencies (PGA’s) who are part of the International Trade Data System (ITDS) are focused on transitioning all information submissions to an electronic format rather than a mix of electronic and paper forms that are distributed across ports of entry around the United States. By putting all of the information into a single location, CBP and PGA’s are capable of reviewing and sharing all the information about a shipment, including release or hold status, with entities having access to the shipments in question.
Not much has changed at China Ports
The traditional post-new year (CNY) lull has helped ease China's port congestion, but cargo backlogs and container shortages are still propping up rates. The Loadstar reported the post-CYN lull has lead to slight softening of spot rates, with prices to Europe down by 4%, to 14,258 per 40ft, and the transpacific by just 1%, to $10,437 per 40ft.
Why war in Ukraine could be catastrophic for container shipping
Although container shipping in and out of the Black Sea remains a relatively niche trade, a Russian invasion of could have catastrophic consequences for global container supply chains. Vespucci Maritime CEO Lars Jensen warns that the ripple effects from a military confrontation would likely spread far beyond the region to hit world trade.
US truckers cheer as 'jab law' is quashed
US truckers are celebrating after the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) cancelled a mandate for companies with 100+ employees to vaccinate their workforce. Meanwhile, across the border, a convoy of truckers opposed to cross-border vaccine rules is rolling towards a protest at the Canadian parliament building in Ottawa

In the saga regarding detention and demurrage, the first response to illegal charges has been received from Wan Hai, a Taiwanese carrier, to the FMC. As the FMC works to parse legal fees from illegal fees, responses are coming in that try to justify the fees that were applied when, allegedly, there were no available appointments, no equipment, or no location listed for return.
The likelihood of major changes to how the US regulates container shipping is about to become reality as the Senate introduced legislation that will take the power away from carriers. 
A global initiative to investigate liner shipping has been established by the so-called Five Eyes group, which does not include the EC to the anger of European freight forwarders.
The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest port in North America, saw record volume in 2021. Container volume at the port, including imports like furniture and apparel, surged to a record 10.6 million TEUs in 2021, almost 16% higher than the previous year.
Container shipping analysts around the world have this week been providing updates on the global port congestion picture with shippers told to brace for further hindrances going into Q2. It was pointed out that congestion continues to escalate in North America...
With Russian tanks entering eastern Ukraine yesterday, bunker prices have hit an all-time high. Back in the summer of 2008, the average price for IFO 380 fuel, then the dominant shipping fuel, at the world’s top four bunkering hubs averaged $739.25 per tonne.