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Ocean imports shift back to the west

The landscape of U.S. import volumes is witnessing a significant redirection. A recent pivot points to an increase in West Coast port traffic, highlighting the ever-evolving nature of global supply chains and the strategic adaptability required to thrive within them.

Coppersmith has long been synonymous with adaptability and resilience. Our grasp of the industry’s pulse allows us to extend unwavering support and tailored solutions to our clients despite these challenges.

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Coppersmith's Bobby Shaida visits SEMA!

Around 160,000 attendees turned out at the event. Coppersmith was delighted to meet many of our customers in person.

The SEMA Show is the aftermarket industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). It’s hard to describe if you haven’t attended. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) produces the show, so when people ask, “What is SEMA?” they may be referring to the show or the trade association itself.

It’s a four-day aftermarket industry trade show and event that, at its high point, before Covid, brought in over 160,000 attendees, including more than 70,000 buyers from the industry. Attendees came from all over the U.S. and 140 countries.

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Cargo insurance is critical.

Remember accidents can happen anywhere.

Adequate insurance protects your shipment from pilferage, loss, accidents and weather.

Contact Coppersmith for assistance.

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With Chinese / Lunar New Year on the horizon, carriers on the Asia-Northern Europe routes are talking about suspending some services as the enormous ships move half empty between ports due to a sharp decrease in demand. As we move into a slow fourth quarter, many analysts are pessimistic about a quick solution to the shift and worry blanked sailings aren't enough.

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Despite some green shoots of strengthening demand we saw, the downturn in air freight won't end anytime soon. After a weaker-than-expected peak season, analysts expect the slump to stretch into 2024 before more positive increases arrive. Modest increases in September and October are good signs but nowhere near pre-Covid peak seasons.

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