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Rate Fluctuation Expected

As the logistics industry tries to find balance in a post-pandemic world, the rate fluctuations after a lengthy period of skyrocketing costs and disruption should be expected. With the pendulum swinging backwards, driving rates down and overloading the market with capacity, there might be the desire to capitalize on obnoxiously cheap services, despite warnings of complications and equipment instability. In any race to the bottom, there is the danger of nefarious parties entering the market to take advantage of people who expect the absolute lowest prices but aren’t aware of the danger in using a problematic company. 

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Combating Climate Comes at a Cost

One of the key issues surrounding the adaptation of green technologies is that conversations tend to circle where we need to be, rather than look at how we plan to get there. With great support on paper, California’s plan to phase out diesel trucks by 2036 doesn’t necessarily answer the question of how they plan to get to all emission free vehicles in time. Electrical power to recharge batteries, weight discrepancies and infrastructure desperately need to be addressed as the change happens. 

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From a terrifying Cargolux landing to a ship collision a wind farm off the coast of Germany, remember accidents can happen anywhere.

Adequate insurance protects your shipment from pilferage, loss, accidents and weather.

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Government agencies are working to implement supply chain regulations for detention and demurrage fees, and other issues that came to light with the pandemic, requiring an update to the Ocean Shipping Reform Act. To find out which new agencies are working on improvements, read below.

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Bed Bath & Beyond sued OOCL citing exploitative and unjust practices that took place during the pandemic. OOCL has replied that the pandemic was unprecedented in the disruption and issues surrounding the supply chain. As the case heats up, Coppersmith will keep our readers informed.

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