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Rates and bunker are back in the news

Someday, there will be an epic poem penned about the drama of ocean freight rates. More likely, it will be a sea shanty, a joyful chorus of the wild swings in price we’ve seen since the pandemic started. 

Whoa, once upon a sea in a trans-pac lane, carriers charged prices that were insane. Then the bottom fell out, and they began to pout, but learned that two can play that game! 

Granted, it’s more of a limerick, but the sentiment is there. In news to surprise absolutely nobody, the pendulum that gave carriers record profits in 2021 has drifted past homeostasis and dipped in favor of, well, not carriers

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West coast labor negotiation kerfuffle

The weekend of Good Friday saw some miscommunications between the ILWU and PMA as the holiday and a union meeting were reported as work stoppages, wrongly.

While it took some time for the parties to get back on the same page, it's a clear example of how critical these negotiations are. Reports come up as breaking news and the longer it goes, the more attention turns to concerns that an end is farther off than anyone expects.

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Ensure your cargo is covered with Coppersmith.

From a terrifying Cargolux landing to a ship collision a wind farm off the coast of Germany, remember accidents can happen anywhere.

Adequate insurance protects your shipment from pilferage, loss, accidents and weather.

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The FDA updated its policies regarding the cosmetics regulations surrounding manufacturing, packaging and shipping for the first time since 1938. Coming Dec. 29 the FDA will implement the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA). 

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Detention and demurrage are back in the news as the FMC continues to negotiate how the fees are deployed and when they're punitive and not incentivizing the prompt recovery and return of ocean containers. More news continues to develop and we'll bring it straight to you.

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