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Labor  Day - September 5, 2016
Coppersmith Holiday Notification and ISF ("10 + 2") Filing Requirement

Please note that Coppersmith offices will be closed on Monday 
September 5, 2016 in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

Labor Day.
In order to file the Importer Security Filing (ISF) timely, please be sure that we obtain your ISF filing information/worksheets at least 72 business hours (not including September 3,4 or 5 ) prior to loading of the vessel. Please use the calendar below as your guide. This will ensure that all questions/information can be clarified, and that the ISF can be filed timely to avoid heavy penalties from US Customs.  

Vessel Loading 9/1 ISF Data 8/29
Vessel Loading 9/2 ISF Data 8/30
Vessel Loading 9/3 ISF Data 8/31
Vessel Loading 9/4
ISF Data
Vessel Loading 9/5 ISF Data 8/31
Vessel Loading 9/6 ISF Data 8/31
Vessel Loading 9/7 ISF Data 9/1
Vessel Loading 9/8 ISF Data 9/2
Vessel Loading 9/9 ISF Data 9/6

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or any of our branch offices using this link:   Coppersmith Branch Offices

For More information about Importer Security Filing use this link- ISF 

Thanks for your continued cooperation in this important matter.
Victoria Lane 
Coppersmith Global Logistics