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                                                                                            June 23, 2021

The Honorable Merrick Garland
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001
Dear Attorney General Garland:
      My name is S. B. Woo, former Lieutenant Governor of DE (1985-89) and currently the president of by far the largest National Asian American political organization.
     I write to ask you to protect the human rights of Chinese Americans, which has been badly violated by FBI agents in the case of U. S. v. Anming Hu, no. 3:20-CR-00021.                                                                                                            
   The following are the exact quotes from a Knox News article about the trial of Prof. Anming Hu in Knoxville, TN.  Hu was accused by DOJ as a spy for China.
"FBI Agent Kujtim Sadiku admitted last week in an ongoing trial in Knoxville that federal agents:

  • Falsely accused former UTK associate professor Dr. Anming Hu of
         being a Chinese spy.
  • Falsely implicated him as an operative for the Chinese military in
........meetings with Hu’s bosses.
  • Used false information to put Hu on the federal no-fly list.
  • Spurred U.S. customs agents to seize Hu’s computer and phone and
........spread word throughout the international research community that HU 
........ was poison.
  • Used false information to justify putting a team of agents to spy on Hu 
........and his son, a freshman at UTK, for nearly two years.
  • Used false information to press Hu to become a spy for the U.S. government."   
      After two days of deliberation, the jury deadlocked.  This legal occurrence in a conservative state like TN might amply indicate to you that “something is rotten” in the behavior of government agents, under your watch.
      I would like to respectfully make the following points to you:
        It is one thing that an FBI agent will lie and cheat against a known criminal
        to induce a confession of a NEW crime & to rat on the suspect's crime 
        partners. It is quite another for FBI agents to collaboratively apply the 
        same tactic against an innocent person who does NOT have a crime 
        record NOR concrete evidence of a new crime except for his racial 
        background as a person of Chinese origin.  What FBI Agent Kujtim 
        Sadiku has committed was pure and simple RACIAL PROFILING.  
        Please promulgate new rules that will effectively stop FBI agents from 
        committing such gross abuse of the human rights of Chinese Americans 
        ever again.

      Let me give you one shocking example of how Chinese/Asian Americans have lost confidence in our government.  Since Professor Anming Hu has lost his job, and has a huge legal fee to pay, my organization has been raising money for his family.  My organization donated $10,000 to the GoFundMe site set up by Hu’s wife, and then encouraged our supporters to also donate.  In less than one day, more than $10,000 went there in small donations.  Today, I happen to go to that site and accidentally hit a button “See All”. Wow!  I was shocked to find that at least 70% of the donors chose “anonymous.” 
      You know what that means?  Fear and distrust of our government!  Click ON https://gofund.me/bed96eda, and then on a button “See All” to see it for yourself. Normally less than 10% of Asian Americans would donate anonymously.  Click here http://www.80-20ef.org/SELF_results.html to go to our regular donors’ list which has more than 2500 donors.  
     Attorney General Garland, open your eyes and see what is happening UNDER YOUR WATCH!   If Chinese Americans don’t trust that we are free in America, do you think we could ever make Chinese in China believe that there will be freedom under democracy?
    Pres. Biden stated that "human rights is about who we are".  That statement will never be believed by educated persons worldwide, if you don’t set up new rules to prevent similar abuse of the human rights of Chinese Americans.
       Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Sincerely yours,
S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.   (302 740-0246 cell)    
Cc: President Joseph Biden, Senator Chris Coons and Sen. Tom Carper
       Board, 80-20 Initiative