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Coral Gables Residents Advised to Get to Safety and Ready to Ride Out Hurricane Irma

Businesses in Downtown Coral Gables

Coral Gables residents should be in a safe area and ready to ride out Hurricane Irma, a dangerous Category 5 storm.

Residents should continue to monitor the storm and finalize their personal hurricane preparations. Based on its current track, tropical storm force winds (TSFW) from Hurricane Irma are expected to begin impacting south Florida by Saturday, September 9.
  • All of your hurricane preparations should be complete. You should have at least three days' worth of supplies for each person in your household;
  • If you have not installed hurricane shutters on your home, do not do so now. Deteriorating conditions outside will make it dangerous to put up shutters at this point;
  • Do not go outside. Stay indoors and tune to local news updates for information;
  • If you live in a surge planning zone that has been ordered to evacuate and have not left, or do not feel safe in your home, you need to leave immediately and get to a safe area or hurricane evacuation center within Miami-Dade County. Once the tropical storm force winds begin affecting the area, it will no longer be safe to travel. Miami-Dade surge planning zone maps are available on the website;
  • City government offices will be closed until further notice except for emergency staff;
  • Private businesses are urged to send employees home immediately;
  • If after the storm, a property does not have water service or has lower pressure (less than 20 psi) than what you are used to, as a precautionary measure, we advise you to proactively boil your water prior to drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth, washing dishes or making ice when service is restored. Water should be brought to a full rolling boil for at least one minute. There is no problem with using the water for bathing and other household needs.
All residents are urged to stay tuned to radio and television broadcasts for further details of the storm movement.
For your safety, the City of Coral Gables Emergency Operations Center is activated and is closely monitoring the situation and will issue further advisories as they become necessary.
FPL: How to Report Outages

fpl image
Due to the nature and severity of this storm FPL expects to experience an unusually high number of calls.  In order to expedite the handling of requests, please refer to the three options below:
  • Use 1-800-401-6199 only to report emergency incidents involving life/death situations and/or personal injuries.
  • For damaged facilities (i.e. wire down, pole down) use storm fax line (1-800-351-3009) or online form ( to report these incidents.
  • Outage reports and other non-emergencies (flickering or fluctuating power) should not be reported via any of these channels.  Those should be reported by member of the public via 1-800-4OUTAGE.
Important Safety Tips

We urge all our Coral Gables residents to follow these safety measures to avoid injury or damage to their home. 

  • Remember to unplug appliances such as stoves and ovens when the power goes out to avoid the potential for accidental fires.
  • Candles are not a safe alternative for lighting, use flashlights or battery powered lanterns. 
  • Generators are a dangerous source of Carbon Monoxide. When running a generator make sure it is set up with the exhaust pointing away from the home and open windows.
  • When refueling generators, keep in mind the engine must shut off and allowed time to cool off.
  • Avoid standing water
  • Stay away from windows
  • Avoid down power lines
  • If you suspect a building collapse, look for a safe area. 



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