Issue No. 50
From the Associate Director
Happy New Year from CHESS! In case you missed it last month I'll summarize: it's only a mild exaggeration to say that CHESS is being almost entirely rebuilt in 2018! Catch up below on construction, User Office, deadlines and job openings. We also include three good science stories showing new capabilities in quantum materials, serial crystallography and micro-XRF imaging. And last but not least, Lora Gruber-Hine updates us on new NSF emphasis and funding initiatives aimed to broaden participation in STEM. We're starting to plan for the CHESS Users' Meeting in June; hope you are, too. 

-Ernest Fontes 

              February 7 - April 3

              April 11 - June 4
(Proposal/BTR deadline: 2/1/18)


              January 31

              March 2

Sometimes the hunt for new kinds of fundamental particles doesn't take place inside high-energy particle colliders, but rather in the low-energy degrees of freedom of exotic quantum materials... more »

The standard X-ray protein crystallography experiment requires a single protein crystal specimen that is large enough to collect a "complete" data set... more »

Using micro-XRF imaging capability at F3 beamline, the research group led by Olena K. Vatamaniuk has linked the role of the micronutrient copper with pollen fertility and seed/grain yield... more »

For the past 20+ years, the National Science Foundation has been funding initiatives aimed at broadening the participation of underrepresented populations... more »

Production of CESR accelerator components for CHESS-U is well underway. The fabrication of magnets, vacuum systems, power conversion components, instrumentation, and other systems has been ramping up over the last 6 months.... more »

Happy New Year! Here are a few updates and deadlines from the user office... more »
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