Issue No. 52
From the Associate Director
Despite a dense snowfall outside my window, I'm forcing myself to look at the dates below and realize we're charging through spring, and a lot is happening before the amazing/scary summer shutdown. We are looking at two X-ray runs before June 4th, an early Users' Meeting and a BioSAXS Essentials 8 Workshop. Also, read an update on the magnet production program, a technology company tracing its development to CHESS, and two great science highlights on magic-sized clusters and enzymes relevant to tumorigenic tissue. Last, it is a real pleasure to read about the rewarding work of scientist Kelly Nygren mentoring elementary school students in science and engineering design projects.

-Ernest Fontes 

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One of the cool things about nanoparticles is also what makes them so difficult to work with: the fact that their properties are dependent on their size... more »

Human carbonic anhydrase IX (CA IX) is an enzyme upregulated in tumorigenic tissue that is being targeted by small molecules as a potential cancer therapy... more »

TeraPore Technologies, the developer of advanced nanofiltration membrane systems for bioprocess and other applications, announced that it has completed a $6M Series A financing round... more »

The CHESS-U upgrade requires the construction and installation in CESR of a large number (~100) of new magnets... more »

Beverly J. Martin (BJM) Elementary School is located in downtown Ithaca and is a vibrant, diverse community, with a wide range of learners and a cohort of students struggling to become proficient... more »
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