This Week's Sermon by
Daniel Joseph
Book of Hebrews Part 46
Rejoice Always, Pray Without Ceasing, and in Everything Give Thanks
Book of Hebrews: Part 45

By Daniel Joseph
Champions of the Faith:
Barak and Gideon
Messiah Son of Joseph: Part 1

By Daniel Joseph
Traditional Jewish Perspective; Joseph's Honor, Coat, and Dreams
Saturday, March 28 at 6:30 PM

to be held at Hope Fellowship
(6000 167th Ave NW, Ramsey, MN 55303)

You are invited to attend and celebrate with us!

We have several people getting baptized before Passover, including some of our online community members.

If you are interested in being baptized,
please contact the church office at .

Prerequisite for baptism is to watch the three-part series found within the Book of Hebrews series.

Jewish History, Mikvah,
Baptism of Christ

By Daniel Joseph

Urgency of Baptism; Born Again;
Philip and the Eunich

By Daniel Joseph

Infant Baptism Versus Confessionary Baptism;
Church History

By Daniel Joseph
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