This Week's Sermon
Chris Rush
All Hands on Deck Ministries
We are having a tent revival over Sukkot this year. As you can imagine this is a costly endeavor. We feel strongly that this is what the Lord desires. We hope to reach many people with the truth of the gospel through worship and the spoken word.
We have met the matching pledge of $25,000.00 and have money raised for a total amount of 
Praise the LORD!!
Actual costs are projected to be approximately $70,000.00 .
Please help this goal become a reality!
Time is pressing upon us to reach this goal.
We would like to hit this goal within two weeks.

Would you pray about partnering with us with prayers and financial support?

You can donate below:

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To Set People Free .

Please consider partnering with us at Corner Fringe Ministries and
supporting the mission financially. With your help we can take the gospel
of Yeshua/Jesus to the very ends of the Earth. Blessings and Shalom.