Cornerstone Laboratory Featured Service Video #3: Plastic Limit Test

Cornerstone Earth Group, Inc. in-house Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory performs full service and large volume soil testing services approved by the Division of State Architect and their Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Program (LEA #245), and accredited by AASHTO re:source and their Proficiency Sample Program. Utilizing in house quality assurance programs, such as AASHTO R-18 and ASTM D3740, Cornerstone Earth Group's Laboratory maintains a high level of accuracy and reproducibility in testing services. Experienced technicians process samples as soon as possible after arrival and perform laboratory tests to efficiently meet these standards, lowering your costs to get the data you need. You can be confident that your testing needs will be met on time, every time.

Key Features of our Laboratory Include:

  • Our Principal In-Charge of Laboratory Services, Forrest Leblo, has over 30 years of hands-on experience.

  • Our laboratory data is reviewed and signed by registered professional engineers after undergoing a detailed peer review process.

  • Our value-added customer service culture drives us to provide accurate, timely testing results, typically by the next working day.

  • Laboratory services we offer include:

  • Soil Classification
  • Moisture Content
  • Moisture and Density Testing
  • Sieve Analyses including Hydrometers
  • Two-Dimensional Consolidation
  •  Plastic Index (Atterberg Limit)
  • Compaction Curves
  •  Lime Stability

For more information, please contact

Forrest Leblo, Principal, Lab Service

[email protected]

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