December 17, 2020
Hello St. John’s Family,
   As I sit and type, a quick glance outside reveals that the snowflakes are indeed coming down. Huge snowflakes – some of the biggest I’ve ever seen – are swirling in the wind, giving us a wonderful impression of what a real-life snow globe looks like. Perhaps it’s the craziness of this year, or our long stretch without significant snow, or maybe a bit of both; regardless of the reason, I get the sense that many of us have been looking forward to this snowstorm. In a bleak year, we’re all eager to take in images of beauty. Watching falling snow from the safety and warmth of our homes is beautiful indeed. I hope some of those images have lifted your hearts. I also pray for the provision and safety of those working in the storm, and for those who do not have a safe, warm home to live in.
  Storms have a way of slowing us down. They remind us that, despite all our technology, strength and progress, there are things in this world that are beyond our control. That revelation has frequently been forced to the forefront of our attention in 2020. Yet it’s always been true, and it always will be. That is the foundation of our human condition. It’s also the reality of Advent.
  See, Advent forces us to wait. We watch, hopeful and eager, yet cannot alter the course of time that God has set. We know that Christ has come, and trust with all our hearts that Christ will come again, in God’s appointed time. The disappointment and struggle that marks our broken world will end in joy – something we desperately yearn for. The timing, though, is out of our hands. Yielding our desires to God’s timing is very, very hard. Yet we are blessed when we do that as God grants us peace, along with the little glimpses of the future glory that awaits us. Just like the beauty of falling snow in a raging snowstorm.
  Hang on to that, friends! Remember that Christ has come, and Christ will come again, fulfilling every last promise. And as we wait expectantly in a difficult time, keep attuned to the glimpses of beauty and glory that God sends our way.
                                                                                                           Pastor Brad
3 PM Virtual Worship: A recording of the 3 PM Worship service will be posted to our website upon completion.

7 PM Drive-in Worship: Worshippers will view from their cars a live worship service projected via the TV Truck, a mobile billboard with an 11x6 foot LED display and FM radio transmission. Worship will originate from the Sanctuary, include bell choirs and singers, and conclude with “candlelight” via a flashlight or cell phone light brought by each worshipper. Singing along to the carols is encouraged within your car. Parking will begin at 6:30 PM; reservations are not required. Note that only those participating in the service and their immediate family members will be able to access the Sanctuary. We anticipate a livestream of this service will be available on YouTube.
Note: We are in need of 2 ushers to assist with collection of any in-person offerings or gifts at Christmas Eve. Volunteers will need to be present by 6:30 and receive physical offerings as cars are parked. Please contact the church office, or 215-357-6998, if available. For the ease of collection, we encourage offerings and gifts to be mailed or given electronically via our website. Thank you!
This Sunday, December 20, 2020
4th Sunday of Advent
A recording of the 9 AM worship service will be posted to the website upon completion.

Pastor Brad
"How Can This Be?"
Luke 1:26-38

Accompanist: Brian Barber
9 AM Special Music: GENesis Bell Choir
Trio: Valerie Haenn, Alissa Nelson, Roy Nelson
10:30 AM Praise Band
Drive-Thru Living Nativity!

Thank you to all that helped make our 3rd Annual Drive-Thru Living Nativity such a beautiful evening as we shared the glory and hope of Christ with our community!

St. John's 2020 Advent Mission Project
Compassion International
Water of Life

If you would like to support this worthy cause, please return the card received in the mail to the church office by Christmas Eve. You may also donate securely online through our website.
A sister congregation, Somerton UMC, is offering a virtual Christmas pageant on Sunday December 20 from 12-1PM in support of a critical mission they support called the Liberia Education Project. If you're looking for an opportunity to support the education of vulnerable Children in West Africa and be uplifted by a Christmas Pageant, consider checking this out!
Update on Poinsettias:
Friday, December 18 is the last day to submit for inclusion.
For many years, the St. John's congregation has honored loved ones and beautified the sanctuary by purchasing poinsettias during the Advent season. Due to the challenges of Covid and modified worship arrangements there will not be the large-scale poinsettia display this year. A small number of poinsettias have been purchased and are in the sanctuary now.

Though individual plants are not for sale, you still have the opportunity to recognize beloved family and friends. The two large plants on each side of the altar are in honor and memory of those we cherish. If you'd like to name a loved one (either in honor or memory), send an email with the subject line of "Poinsettia Recognition" to by Friday, December 18; noting the name of the person(s) to be recognized and whether its in honor or in memory. A comprehensive list of all persons recognized will be sent via an enews update shortly before Christmas, and also printed/placed on the altar on Christmas Eve. In lieu of purchasing a plant, a contribution to the Advent Mission Project, Water of Life, is suggested.
Classes for Pre-K through grade 5 will continue on Zoom this Sunday. Information on classes for Youth forthcoming. Note that each lesson will have a video component and will also include follow-up materials that guide parents in talking about the concepts throughout the week. Hope to see you on Zoom!
Young Children (Pre-K to Grade 2)
What's In the Bible? 
Sundays at 11 am on Zoom 
Join Buck Denver and a group of hilarious friends as they journey through the Bible and discover what it means for us. Amy Scarlett will lead us for the opening weeks as we discover What's In the Bible!  
Lesson length: 20-25 minutes.

Older Elementary Children (Grades 3-5) 
Orange 252 Kids
Sundays @ 11am on Zoom 

The real meaning of Christmas is simple: we celebrate Jesus, God’s greatest gift.  We can find hope, joy, love, and peace when we remember that God sent Jesus to be our Savior. In this series we will learn about a very important promise God made in the past that came true for all of us!
Lesson length: 25-35 minutes
Youth Study - Orange High School XP 3:
Sundays @ 11:30 am
Please check email for further details.

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? They just have a way of making the holiday season feel a little bit brighter. That’s why in the next series, we’re going to point our youth to the brightest spot of the Christmas season - Jesus' Light. We will look back at that first Christmas and the light that Jesus brought to the world thousands of years ago.
PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of safety after the recent snowfall,
we will NOT have RING OF FAITH bells tonight, December 17th.
St. John's Ring of Faith Bell Choir
December 13, 2020 - 3rd Sunday of Advent
"See Amid the Winter's Snow" (Lohr)

"The Herald Angels Sing"
Prayer requests can be submitted
online (click here).or through the church email,

All "Ongoing Prayer Concerns"
will be listed for two weeks.
 Please submit a new prayer request,
if you desire to renew the listing for 2 additional weeks.
Hand made prayer shawls (or lap robes for men) are again available for those experiencing serious illness, bereavement, or other major life issue. Each comes in a sealed plastic bag. Recipients need not be members of St. John's. Requests can be made via the comments section of the prayer request form on the church website, by calling or emailing the church office, or by calling Carol Rice at 215-357-1203. Requesters will be notified of contactless pickup arrangements at the main entrance of church building.

The Red Bird Mission are CLOSED for the winter.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to this program, helping the people in Red Bird Kentucky. They are grateful for all items that have been sent. The Red bird committee would also like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time packing trailers. 
Your effort’s have been greatly appreciated. 
Red Bird Committee

Donations of non-perishable food for the Eastwick Food Pantry are needed throughout the year. Please place contributions in the shopping carts located in the narthex and fellowship hall lobby. 
Volunteers are also needed to deliver food and clothing to the Eastwick Food Bank. Please contact Lou Lescas, if you are available to help. 
Thank you for your support.

Just three years ago the people of St. John’s made a commitment to support a project that Lycoming College (a United Methodist related institution) began to provide real-world experiences for their students and to help a very poor and destitute village in The Dominican Republic.

The Grace Café is not yet serving coffee, but you can buy the coffee for your home. Please consider drinking Warrior Coffee and giving it as a gift this season. We all have so much, but drinking a cup of Warrior means we are “fighting for what’s right one cup at a time”
For information on how you can purchase Warrior coffee contact Paul Henry at 215-357-9398 or via email at
Mark your Calendar!
No meeting for December.
Recovery Breakfast III is planned to be at the Sycamore Grill
January 16, 2021 (the third Saturday of the month)

Merry Christmas!
Jack Donovan and Paul Henry 
Two significant needs and great opportunities to serve
at St. John's!

A small team of dedicated audio-visual ministry volunteers enable us to offer meaningful online worship each week. We're in need of additional help, as there's very little flexibility within the team in the event someone needs to be away. While some aspects of this ministry requires technical expertise, other aspects are very straight-forward. If you have the ability to advance PowerPoint slides, you can help us offer online worship!

Similarly, ushers will be needed once in-person worship returns to greet worshippers, direct them to their seats, and assist with questions. This is a simple yet meaningful opportunity to serve God by serving our St. John's family.

Please consider serving God in the New Year by assisting with one of these this crucial ministries. Those interested in serving can contact the office at or (215) 357-6998. Thank you for your faithful support of all we do in service to Christ at St. John's!

  • Just go to our website
  • Click on the 'Give' button in red and register.

Once you've registered, you can either make donations by debit or credit.
All you have to do is text the amount you wish to give to 877-960-2396.
You will immediately receive a one-time registration link, then just follow the prompts to complete your donation!

It's quick and secure.
The same vendor that handles electronic giving for us, Vanco Services, has state of the art encryption, so you can rest easy that your transaction is 100% safe and confidential. 

You may also send your tithes and offerings to the church office:
820 Almshouse Road, Ivyland, PA 18974

If you have any questions about mobile or text giving,
email Lou Lescas at
2021 Offering Envelopes are now available for pickup at St. John's. If you know someone who may not be able to get out at this time, please consider taking their envelopes with you and dropping them off to them. You'll do them a favor, and save the church the cost of mailing them. Thank you for your help!
Thank you for your faithfulness in giving, and to all those who have pledged to support God's work at St. John's in 2021. To date, we've received 112 pledges totalling $276,000, approximately half of our anticipated budget of $559,000. If you haven't pledged and would like to, you can do so online, or returning a pledge card in person or by mail. Thank you for your commitment to God at
St. John's!

The latest Devotionals, News and Worship Videos can be be accessed below, as well as, under the
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Please Note
The church office will be closed: Monday, December 28 and
January 1, 2021

St. John's Ivyland
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Ivyland, PA 18974
Rev. Brad Leight, Sr. Pastor