November 2017
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BACnet Educational Track at NFMT Orlando

BACnet International will be sponsoring a full educational track as part of the 2017 NFMT Conference.

The following sessions are scheduled:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

BACnet 101

Ben Dorsey
10:00 am
HVAC 101: Chillers, VFDs and BACnet - Oh My!

Tim Skell
Interfacing Elevators & Escalators with BACnet: The Time is Now

Grant Wichenko & Christopher Mason

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

9:00 am
Lighting & IT Collaboration: When lighting is living on or connected to the corporate intranet

Scott Ziegenfus
10:00 am
Best Practices for Implementing BACnet in your Facility

Grant Wichenko

While we hope you are able to attend, we realize it may not be possible. Therefore, all the BACnet International educational sessions will be captured and shared in early January 2018 on The BACnet Institute e-learning site.

For More Information about the NFMT Orlando Conference and Sessions

BACnet Community News
Proposed: First International Symposium on BACnet Testing 
BACnet logo
Proposed Date: June 2018 
Venue: University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab  
We are exploring holding a general symposium on BACnet testing to discuss and explore a variety of topics that could include:
  • Current BACnet test tools and methods
  • BACnet/WS testing requirements and tools
  • BACnet - IoT readiness testing
  • Future BACnet test system requirements and architectures
  • Test definitions and representations
  • BACnet system testing opportunities and challenges
  • Others
It is expected that this symposium will be of interest to:
  • BACnet product developers
  • Software QA engineers involved with BACnet products
  • BACnet test tool developers, including tools for product, network and system testing
  • BACnet test specification developers
  • BACnet testing organizations
Sign up for notifications as plans for this symposium are further developed.
New Course - Coming Soon! 
Following the positive feedback of its BACnet Basics course, as well as the resounding request for more courses, The BACnet Institute is proud to announce the coming release of its new course: The Facility Manager's Guide to Building Automation Systems (BAS). 
This new course provides insight on how Facility Manager's can effectively participate in and contribute to a BACnet-based BAS integration. However, while the course is positioned from a Facility Manager's perspective, it is still a valuable resource for the other key professionals in the BAS integration process, including Building Owners, Contractors, Project Consultants, and even IT professionals. 
By taking the course, you will get a stronger understanding of the key principles of BAS design and procurement, ensuring integration achieves required results. In addition, the course discusses the importance of collaboration between Facility Management and IT with a focus on how the relationship can be leveraged effectively in order to maintain long-term success. Lastly, the course explains how a BAS design model enables streamlined facilities, thereby ensuring adaptability to future opportunities. 
Like the current BACnet Basics course, this new course will be on-demand and self-paced so you can access it at anytime, anywhere. And it is free! 
Keep an eye out for announcements once this course is launched.
Notice of Public Reviews for the BACnet Standard
1st Public Review of BSR/ASHRAE Addendum bq to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2016

This addendum Adds Lockout enumeration to the Authentication_Status of the Access Point object; Fixes the Absentee_Limit property of the Access Credential object type; Specifies authentication status when authorization modes is NONE; and Ensures that the denied or granted access event is generated last.

4th ISC Public Review of BSR/ASHRAE Addendum bi to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2016  

This addendum adds a new Audit Reporter object type and new audit notification services to report auditable actions. Addendum bi also changes DeviceCommunicationControl Service for Audit Reporting and modifies Logging Objects to allow for Extremely Large Logs.

View full Standards Actions here.

ASHRAE Standards Actions contains announcemen ts i ncluding public review drafts open fo r comment, call for members on ASHRAE committees, publications, new errata and interpretations, and other information related to ASHRAE standards and standards related activities.
BACnet Products
Reliable Controls Releases SMART-Sensor EPD

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of t he SMART Sensor Electronic Paper Display (SS3-E). The SMART-S en sor delivers a stylish, modern, networke d sensor solution that allows for connecting with up to ten configurable parameters related to a space. The
updated SMART-Sensor design is centered around a new electronic paper display ( EPD), a low-profile, plastic and glass enclosure, with capacitive touch buttons. 
The SMART-Sensor is a powerful and dynamic microprocessor-based sensor that monitors room environmental conditions, and communicates the information back to MACH-System controllers via SMART-Net.

Blue Ridge Technologies adds BTL Listing to Essential Platform
Blue Ridge is pleased to announce the BTL certification of their entire Essentials platform. Whether you have a new construction or retrofit application, Blue Ridge has a proven solution to seamlessly unify your lighting controls into the Building Automation System. Their modular I/O platform provides a flexible and customizable solution designed to complete and not compete with the BAS.  
You can also check out their BTL listing information at Blue Ridge/BTL.    

Automated Logic Releases New High-Speed BACnet Integrator 

Automated Logic Corporation has launched its new high performance OptiFlex™ BACnet integrator - an important component in the WebCTRL® building automation system (BAS). The next generation in routers, it enables more accurate and efficient communication with the BACnet system. 
The OptiFlex BACnet integrator is an advanced router/gateway for BACnet-based BAS

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