Merry Christmas -

Yes, and it does look as if it's going to be a white one again this least judging by the amount of white stuff in the front yard. I hope this month finds you enjoying the season, and not stressed out in details.

One of the things that I have always included in my holiday newsletter is a Christmas recipe. This year, I've found a great Gluten Free recipe for Red Velvet sprinkle cookies that are amazing, and very easy to make. Gluten Free baked goods is one of the things I crave the most during this time of year.

As I was sitting down to write this, I received a notice that Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA in July has been cancelled for this year - but the owners of the show, on their Facebook page, very clearly said that it was due to health challenges they have been facing, and not a result of anything else. Looks like my bucket list for 2021 now has it's first entry on it. I've linked to the page so that you can read the details for yourself.

My sewing related projects are done (early as well), and I am left with 10 days left in this year - and two good sized projects to finish for me. I could buckle down and power on - or I can go and find a Christmas themed movie on TV. RIght now, the movie is winning...stay tuned.

Thank you so much to all my #makerforquilter helpers - the test cuts have gone back to them, and I have already received a few small commission which have been well received.

Over on the blog , you can get a window into how my Christmas-quilter-runs-amok mind works right after Thanksgiving, and I gave that process a makeover as well. Can anyone relate?

Throughout the month, I've been taking stock of how this year has worked out, and I have been preparing to retire has served me very well this year, and I believe that the changes brought along by SHIFTING my perspective (the "S" in SPARK) has made a huge change in me. Picking out the word for 2020 was surprisingly's been running there under the surface all year long. It's time to take it out, shake it off, and through some sunlight on it. And there's the first blog post of 2020...waiting to be written.

Do you pick a word, and how do you know when it's the right one?

Here's to a great start to 2020 to us all... Happy New Year!

Look for my Interview with
Scott Fortunoff of Jafftex
in the January issue of Cornerstones !

Gluten Free Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

This time of the year brings out the inner baker in me, and this recipe is one that I found (and love) this year.

When you've gone Gluten Free, finding a good gluten free cookie can be a challenge, I usually go for a good chocolate chip cookie. This recipe had me at Red Velvet, and it is a good bake.

The recipe itself suggests that you substitute 1:1 baking flour for the first 3 ingredients in the recipe - that's the route I took, using the King Arthur brand I found at the grocery store, and the cookies came out well.

If you click on the recipe, you can find and print the document with the recipe on it. Let me know if you try it, and how it comes out.
I ntro to Angela Walters Rulers for Domestic Machine Quilting - Sat March 7 at Quilting Away in Amherst NH.
This intro session will cover the basics of working with rulers on your domestic machine; one of the reasons I love these is that they are perfectly proportioned for your domestic machine. We will cover the basics of working with these 4 rulers by Angela Walters.

The class fee is $55, and you pay the shop when you register. Bette carries all the rulers in the shop...come and play!

Proud Moment: I'm so grateful to be a member of the NEQM in Lowell.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - we live in a very rich environment if you love textiles and quilting.

Every time I get to go to the museum, I'm always amazed at what riches are housed within a very short drive from my home. Whether I'm looking to do research on a new guild presentation, or I'm looking to learn from experts about the silk industry and how it impacts my area...the Museum doesn't disappoint.

The exhibitions cut across all aspects of the quilting spectrum, often using common themes to draw out paralell discussions.

The Quilter's Calendar (and this newsletter) will be highlighting events and exhibitions at the Museum beginnng this month.

Exhibit through February 13: The Colorful World of Pat Delaney

Exhibit Opening January 7 - April 4: Salvaged: Stitched Narratives of Jennifer Regan

To View:
The Quilter's Calendar:

We welcome your submissions to the calendar, but we do ask that you submit no later than the 25th to ensure publication in the next issue of Cornerstones.

If you have questions, please contact me at or at 603-233-0320.
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Looking for a last minute Gift idea?

I have 3...

and they are great ANY DAY of the Year...

This is a great idea if you're looking for a way to stretch your Creative Muscles by working outside your comfort zone. I've gotten to know Helen Hiebert of Helen Hiebert Studios this year, and she has a very unique way of working with paper. Her The Paper Year takes a fresh medium (to us) and uses it to jumpstart a creative flow.

My copy will be used in conjunction with my business and quilty planner to make sure my inner Creative will come out and play more in 2020. This isn't an affiliated post, but just sharing some of the fun I've found.
I've been expanding my wings a bit on social media this fall, and I am spending much more time on Instagram - and learning a lot about how that medium works. Instagram is all about the hashtags, and photography - as the photo above will show you.

This is a tutorial which will walk you through the ice-dyeing process with spectacular results, if the photograpy above is any indication. When I dug a little deeper, I found out that the artist currently lives in Arizona, but is originally from Maine and will be moving back here next year.

A lot of the work on the site (which is beautiful) has been sold out currently, but this item is still showing as available. And I'll be looking into her work (I hope) more in the future. You can find her on Instagram at Apriltwoeightyquilts.

The holiday season is in full swing, and nothing is more appreciated than a hostess gift,,,this item is the perfect finishing touch for an already thoughtful gify.

My friend Lisa makes these handmade bags and they are beautifully done, available in holiday and non-holiday prints as well. They are made to perfectly fit a 750 ml bottle of wine, but also...other liquors, olive oil for the cook in your life, or shampoo, or anything that is similarly shaped.

Please contact Lisa directly at

Before You Go...

Y ou may have found this story in your travels this month, but if you haven't, this story speaks to the connections quilters and crafters have to one another - even when you have never meant. It's the perfect story to read with a beverage of one's choice...then head over to Instagram and look up #badasscrossstitch for more of the story.

Merry Christmas!