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I'm providing a few links for Corona virus trackers and discussion of the epidemiology and where we are in San Francisco . Again, disclaimer! I'm not an expert in epidemiology!.
It's been hard to send this off since I keep seeing new things to add! I need to stop.
For example, I've been cycling. But some say that's foolhardy because you could fall and put a burden on the health system! Point taken. Walking now.

San Francisco City Sights: Palace of Fine Arts and Social Distancing
How to tell Corona Virus from Other Illness
The only sure fire way to tell if you have corona virus is by testing. Unfortunately, we in the U.S. are behind other countries in having enough tests available.
This is a chart for comparison with other respiratory illnesses. If you cannot read the chart, you can go to this blog post for a larger diagram.

I've read that Covid 19 is 10 times more deadly than the flu and also more contagious. That does not mean that everyone gets seriously ill at all. It just means that it is more dangerous than the flu.
Patient Appointments
The Medical Arts Building is closed until at least April 6th. I will be contacting patients individually. I will be in touch going forward.!! Of course acupuncture is beneficial so the risk/benefit calculation is very tricky! S ome patients with certain conditions feel like they need the acupuncture now more than ever. Even though the building is closed I can see you individually and let you in.
Social Distancing: The Hammer and the Dance
This article looks at how early and stringent social distancing and isolation can actually reduce the number of days of distancing overall. Please click through to my blog post for a summary, and of course to the article link too.
The article deals with the possibility that social distancing will again become necessary, but at a lower intensity and shorter periods of time. In my previous newsletter, I discussed the principles behind social distancing.
Why is Corona Virus Worse than Flu
Please click through to my blog post, but in summary because of the type of virus it is, we don't have immunity to it. And it's already mutated a few times. The article in my post is clear and concise. I recommend it!
Policy Matters
For those who need more convincing that these drastic measures are warranted, we have a real time study comparing Tennessee and Kentucky. Kentucky was out in front with social distancing, closing schools and bars and their incidence of new infections is dwarfed by that of Tennessee.
The Recommendations from Governor Newsom and Mayor Breed.
  1. Senior citizens and people with underlying health issues stay at home.
  2. Closing of bars and restaurants or half the tables in restaurants.
  3. Limit visitation in hospitals and assisted living establishments.
  4. Everyone should stay at home as much as possible. Essential outings only.
The Chronicle has a great tracker here.
Or click on the image. So far San Francisco has 105 cases, double from Tuesday. Could be worse!
Chronicle is also allowing access to all corona virus updates for free to the public.
Soap and Water
Remember, soap and water is as good, if not better, than hand sanitizer! So if you have access to water and soap, it's the best! And try to scrub for 20 seconds. Please click on the link to see the science behind this.
Corona Virus World Wide Tracker
This is the "go to tracker" for following the incidence of corona virus world wide. Click on image for link to tracker. blog post below

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