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This newsletter is a bit different. I wanted to share a few things I've learned about the developing corona virus crisis . Please realize that I am in no way an expert on this. Though I have a solid medical background, epidemics require a different knowledge base.

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How to tell Corona Virus from Other Illness
The only sure fire way to tell if you have corona virus is by testing. Unfortunately, we in the U.S. are behind other countries in having enough tests available.
This is a chart for comparison with other respiratory illnesses. If you cannot read the chart, you can go to this blog post for a larger diagram.

I've read that Covid 19 is 10 times more deadly than the flu and also more contagious. That does not mean that everyone gets seriously ill at all. It just means that it is more dangerous than the flu.
Social Distancing and Why Experts Recommend This
At this stage of the epidemic when we don't see cases all around us, it's easy to think that all of these incredibly drastic measures are "over kill". This is where we really need to trust the experts. In Italy, they are now admitting that they delayed social distancing and isolating and now their hospitals are overwhelmed. Medical personnel are having to triage who will live or die. This is a wartime tactic to maximize lives saved with limited resources at hand. We do NOT want this to happen in the U.S.
If we blunt the number of cases by social isolation then we hopefully will not have a surge and overwhelm the health systems.
I believe the epidemiologists and public health experts when they say that if this ends up feeling like it was all overblown, that is a good place to be. Better to be safe than sorry!!!
And remember, younger people are less likely to be symptomatic, so may be spreading the virus. That is why these drastic measures are being taken. The young are not as likely to be seriously ill, but their elderly neighbor might catch it from them and it would be dangerous.

Addendum: There was just a press conference at 1:00 p.m. Monday, March 16th recommending that everyone stay home except to do essential errands. Fire up the online resources like exercise classes, online learning and good old fashioned phone calls to friends and family! And, of course, books require no electricity at all.
The Recommendations from Governor Newsom yesterday.
  1. He is requesting that senior citizens and people with underlying health issues stay at home.
  2. Closing of bars and restaurants or half the tables in restaurants.
  3. Limit visitation in hospitals and assisted living establishments.
Mayor Breed today
  1. Everyone should stay at home as much as possible. Essential outings only.
Soap and Water
Remember, soap and water is as good, if not better, than hand sanitizer! So if you have access to water and soap, it's the best! And try to scrub for 20 seconds. Please click on the link to see the science behind this.
Patient Appointments
I hate cancelling patient appointments, especially now. But I'm trying to heed the advice of the experts. This week I've cancelled all appointments for Monday, March 16th and Tuesday March 17th. I'm trying to figure out guidelines. Many other practitioners are still practicing. I will be in touch going forward.!! Of course acupuncture is beneficial, but if you're supposed to stay home....
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