August 12, 2022
Coronado Golf Club Results
Players Cup Update

Flight 1 - 2nd Place winner Paula Smith
Flight 3 -1st Place winner Katie Fontaine
Flight 1 - Hole 9 CTTP Winner Bethan Selan
Flight 2 - Hole 9 CTTP Winner Katy Wright
Flight 2 - 1st Place Winner
Pat Haberman
In this edition of our Chapter's latest event activities, we have a summary and some pictures from the Coronado outing on 8-7-22. This event DID qualify for BOTH the Net and Gross San Diego Players Cup.
Game of the Day
Low Net over the Flight

We had 59 gals come out to play along the San Diego Bay. We did have 12 gals competing in their matches to qualify for the San Diego Chapter Cal Cup Team, so only 47 participated in the Game of the Day, which was still enough to have three flights.

1st Place winners received a $20 GolfMart Gift Card, and 2nd Place winners received a $10 GolfMart Gift Card. CTTP winners received either a $10 GolfMart Gift Card or a sleeve of golf balls

Flight 1
1st Place - Jen Levin, who shot an even Net Par
2nd Place - New member Paula Smith makes a statement with a +1

Flight 2
1st Place - Pat Haberman with a net 67!
2nd Place - Barbara Nuismer with a net 69!

Flight 3
1st Place - Katie Fontaine with an even Net Par in a three-way card off
2nd Place - Maria de Lourdes Barrosos also with an even-par
Honorable mention in the three-way card out goes to Sue Rowe

Flight 1 Hole 9 - Bethany Selan
Flight 1 Hole 15 - Deb Finlon

Flight 2 Hole 9 - Katy Wright
Flight 2 Hole 15 - Jane Langdon

Flight 3 Hole 9 - Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie
Flight 3 Hole 15 - Chris Shorkey

Congrats to all our winners, and now...

Players Cup Update after Coronado Golf Club

We had enough Players Cup players in attendance for this event to qualify for both the Gross and Net Players Cup.

Through 13 total events in the Gross Division, Crystal Horiuchi is STILL leading the pack with 142 total points. By playing and winning this event and earning 25 points, Crystal has extended her lead from 8.5 to 15.5 over her nearest competitor, Bethany Selan. But Bethany is hanging in there by placing 2nd and earning 18 points in this event. Deb Finlon and Soo Lee tied for 3rd, earning each of them 8.5 points.

Crystal Horiuchi also shot the low gross of the day by shooting a 79.

Through 17 total events in the Net Division, Soo Lee STILL has a VERY commanding lead over the field. However, Meinir Heilbrun has vaulted from 7th to 2nd place and is currently 63.5 behind Soo Lee. Meinir came in 1st with a low net of 72 for the day.

Cretia Hadley came in 2nd place, earning her 18 points with a net 73, catapulting her from T17 into the Top 10, where she currently sits in 9th place. Go Cretia! Amazing what one event can do for you.

Many more events are coming up soon that will qualify, including Goat Hill and the Enagic Midweek event.
Fun Pics from our Coronado Event
Crystal Horiuchi, Ashley Riggs-Zeigen, and Bethany Selan with the iconic Coronado Bridge in the background; a picture taker's favorite background.
Vida Vela, Adrienne Acre, Brenda Scarth and Michele Vela
Pat Haberman, Kathleen Griffin, Lisa Schmidt, and Paula Miller
Meinier Heilbrun, Stacey Musso and Sue Rowe

Jen Faye, Tina Fletcher and Carolanne Buguey

Heather Conine is performing EVERY golfer's favorite shot!
She WAS aiming for the shade, however.
Deb Finlon, Karen Bridges, new members, Tami Melone and Debbie Orndoff. Tami and Debbie are also members in Palm Springs
Michelle Schmidt, Cretia Hadley, Lisa Schmidt and Katy Wright

Katie Fontaine, Gail Parish, Nancy Rix and Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie
Jax Jacquez, Alicia Oswald, Heather Conine and Pam Pongratz
Paula Miller and Kathy Griffin are doing their best to beat the heat!
19th Hole festivities at the Feast and Fairway
Pam Pongratz, Karen Bridges, Heather Conine, Katy Fontaine, Jax Jacquez, Meinir Heilbrun, Kim Greco, Paula Smith and Lois Spence
Where else can you do this? Walk and golf along a harbor and beach with music blasting from boats or tourists on the beach! Not many places!!

Thank you to Stacey Hayashi for organizing our day and to Michelle Natalier (SO good to see you and your healing broken wing)!!!!
Great Day Ladies!