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So, I don’t know about you,
but when I do something kind for someone I feel better in the moment.
Ever wonder why?
Well, turns out, some recent reporting based upon years of scientific studies, says that being kind or charitable,
showing love to others,
or having a connection to someone, even if at a distance,
has a positive physiologic impact on you.
That means, yea, it’s a good feeling
but your body will reward you when you
show kindness, compassion, empathy and love.
As was reported,
“For everyone quarantined in solitude, aching and afraid for far-flung family and friends, this science can provide some solace. A supportive phone call, an empathetic ear, an expression of love — these things can bolster the immune system on a molecular level. Whether you are the recipient or the giver, kindness is good for your health. Scientists call this the “buffering effect.” The sense of security that people get from their friends and family allows them to meet stressful situations with a ‘calmer physiology,’”.
That explains, even in this period of “social distancing”, why w e see more people waving to each other or stopping to talk (from a distance even if across the street). 

This is not just a spontaneous response.
It is our body and minds telling us we need that connection.
AND that we will be better for it.
For me, it has meant contacting people I have regrettably not spoken to in a while – just to check in and say hi. 
I always come away happier.
If I have to go out, I wave and
be sure to thank someone serving in an essential business.
It also means all the emails I get asking questions and for assistance -- I actually need that to adapt to this new environment and to be happier! 
It feels good when our team can help someone,
or alleviate a fear or at least work together to try to find a solution.
So, physically separate, keep physical distance, be smart AND DON’T GO TO FRIENDS’ HOMES FOR PARTIES AND GATHERINGS

But, be social through other means.
Share a kind word with someone.
Express love or appreciation for someone.
Be civil and courteous.
Show compassion and empathy.
Turns out, when we do that … sure, that feels good,
but we are really just living out thousands of years
of adaptation to stress.
Embrace the science of kindness, compassion, empathy and love! 
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