Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources
General Announcements
PPP Applications
If you have not applied yet:
Apply with a local bank ASAP! This second round of funding may be depleted in a few days to a week.
If you applied and did not hear back:
Check with the bank you applied with as they may still have you in the queue from the first round. If you are not satisfied with the bank’s answer, withdraw your application and apply through a different bank. You cannot get approved through two different banks.
Collecting PPP Loan vs. Unemployment
"This situation has left many self-employed individuals wondering if it would make more sense for them to apply for a PPP loan or to file for unemployment. 

Almost all self-employed taxpayers  with their own employees  will receive more money through PPP (not counting shareholder-employees of C or S-corporations). However, for self-employed individuals  without employees , whose typical profit and business expenses combined are less than $950 per week, the simplest option is to seek unemployment benefits.

These people will be able to completely recover their lost income and business expenses via unemployment benefits, with no limitations on how they spend the received funds."
*please note that the numbers in this article may vary state to state.
A Note from Liz
This excerpt comes the COVID-19 Story Project
Partner Webinars
Small Business Survival During COVID-19: Web Tools for Remote Work
Temple SBDC
May 6, 4:00pm

Wondering "what do I do now?" We hear you and will be bringing in weekly experts to talk to you about business survival during COVID-19.

Staff from Temple University will talk about tools to help you as you work remotely, including Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. This is for business owners with little to no familiarity with these tools.
Stay at Home Activities!
Birdy Box Boutique is offering over 200 ideas, tips, & graphics for homeschool activities at home.
A group of Harry Potter fans got together and built an online, fully-functioning Hogwarts where thousands of fans can come together, participate in online courses, earn House Points and so much more.
Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Royal Albert Hall Celebration will livestream from 2pm (ET) today for 48 hrs!

The concert production - recorded live in 1998 - features special renditions of Lloyd Webber's greatest show tunes from global hits such as  Cats Evita , Su nset Boulevard, etc.

The cast includes Glenn Close, Antonio Banderas & Sarah Brightman, among others.

Please stay healthy and safe during this time, and know that WBEC-East remains a resource to you and your business.