Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources
General Announcements
PPP Lending Update
The SBA & Treasury have released additional information regarding the Paycheck Protection Program.
* There are still PPP funds available. Please contact us at if you would like support applying.
Delegate Solutions Social Impact Scholarship
Delegate Solutions is looking to use their team’s administrative skill set to help a social impact company that is creating solutions to address the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The scholarship will offer the chosen company 25 hours per month x 6 months of virtual administrative support services valued at nearly $10,000. They are accepting applications now through the end of May!
Restaurant Strong Fund
Samuel Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation announced they are bringing the Restaurant Strong Fund   to 20 total states to aid the restaurant workers impacted by the COVID-19 closures. 

 Samuel Adams is donating over $2,000,000 to kickstart funding in various States, including New Jersey & Pennsylvania.
Job Vacancies
WBEC-East is pleased to announce that we are hiring!

We are looking for a Program Assistant and Bookkeeper to assist the small businesses we serve with COVID-19 relief efforts.

Do you have someone in mind that would be a great fit for either of these positions? Please share this announcement and have them follow up with us!
Regional News
Pennsylvania Updates
The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) system is almost fully up and running . Yesterday, the Department began issuing Monetary Determinations to PUA claimants and today announced the weekly claim system is available. Monetary Determinations are available for download in the  PUA Portal

You can log into the same portal to file your weekly claims. Please note, the weekly claim system is already having traffic issues, so you are advised to wait until later in the day to file.
PA 30 Day Fund
The non-profit Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund is providing forgivable loans for Pennsylvania-based small businesses. The forgivable loan is intended to provide immediate financial assistance (within maximum three days) to meet payroll, preserve healthcare coverage for employees and save jobs while they await recently approved federal funding. 

WBEs are a big part of their focus. You can read an article about the Fund here
URA COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Loan Fund (ELF)
The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) is temporarily easing and streamlining its Micro-Enterprise Loan Program to provide 0% interest loans to existing and new URA small business borrowers. Details include: 
  • Up to an additional $15,000
  • Loan proceeds may be used for rent, payroll, and other approved fixed monthly business expenses
  • 0% interest rate, no fees
  • 3-year term, 6 months no payments, 2 ½-year fully amortizing after payment deferral period
  • For existing small businesses (not startups) located in the City of Pittsburgh
Partner Webinars
1 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) – What the New Paid Leave Law Means for Employers and Employees
May 11, 10 - 11am

The new paid sick leave law requires employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specific reasons related to COVID-19. The law covers all employees, and the Department of Labor has issued lots of guidance concerning covered employers, qualifying reasons for leave, duration of leave, pay calculations, etc. etc. Failure to follow the rules may result in an Enforcement action and associated penalties.
2 - The Hospitality Tourism Industry Before, During, and After COVID-19
May 14, 11 - 12pm

The Center for Women's Entrepreneurship is partnering with the  Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association  to discuss how the hospitality and tourism industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future and the new “normal” looks like for the industry.

Speakers: Melissa Bova, Vice President of Government Affairs, and Hope Sterner, Director of Education, Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association.
Unemployment Compensation During the Coronavirus Crisis
May 11, 11am

Philadelphia Legal will be hosting a FB Live which will discuss updates about Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, including weekly benefit rates, weekly claims, and appeals.
WBE Events Around the Country
  • In the Room with Roz - Join GWBC® President Roz Lewis on Facebook Live as she does weekly dive in of current events and information that caters to both WBEs and corporate members. Hosted every Tuesday morning at 10am.
Stay at Home Activities!
Use your free time to assist in real life citizen science projects of your choosing. You can help track giraffes in the wild, identify fish species in painting, explore the surface of mars, etc!
Audible has just launched  Audible Stories , which offers an entire library of free audiobook streaming for children and teens in six different languages. It’s accessible on your desktop, smartphone and tablet, and you don’t even have to make an account.

Please stay healthy and safe during this time, and know that WBEC-East remains a resource to you and your business.