My grandparents endured aerial bombings during World War II. Their generation in the United States was called upon for what was then unprecedented sacrifices and collective efforts.  We know the sacrifice and service of that generation secured the gifts of freedom and liberty. Now, it is our turn. 

Sacrifice. Stay Home if you can. 
Be ready for a call to service. 
Be smart. Your decisions will save lives or cost lives.

We look to our State and National Leaders to be bold in the response, and to be even bolder in the relief we know our community will need.

We are planning to do what we can locally to be there to help everyone.  We cannot do it alone.

We need that charitable spirit that we have seen in times of disaster. Already, the offers of restaurants and those in our community to volunteer have been heart-warming and reassuring.
I am calling on all businesses, including restaurants and bars, to follow the guidance offered nationally and adopt steps we have seen other communities take to mitigate spread voluntarily. We, in the City of Sunrise, cannot order drastic steps we have seen implemented elsewhere. So, I need your voluntary assistance to protect the most vulnerable. 

Once the relief plans are announced and implemented by State and Federal governments, we will be there to help you navigate the process.  We will get through this together!

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