The COVID-19 (Corona) Virus is obviously of top concern for the health of our families and friends, but is increasingly raising concerns for the growing impact to the nation’s workforce. The Ashley Group is dedicated to providing advice on how to navigate the effect of the pandemic on your health plan management program, and also to providing answers for your employees.

What Government Rulings Cover COVID-19?

The Trump Administration has designated diagnostic testing for COVID-19 as an essential health benefit under the Affordable Care Act. Each carrier will provide information to its members on their plan coverage and costs, and we have provided links to each carrier’s specific policy on COVID-19 below.

Additionally, the IRS has ruled (Notice 2020-15) that high deductible health plans (HDHPs) can pay for COVID-19 testing and treatment before plan deductibles have been met. Notice 2020-15 further states that any COVID-19 vaccination costs will be considered as preventive care and can be paid for by an HDHP without cost sharing.