We at The Community Foundation of Mendocino County have been closely following the novel coronavirus, and are taking necessary precautions. While no positive cases have been reported in Mendocino County to date, we realize the very real threat this virus poses and the possibility of widespread infection, as well as the economic impact it can make on our small community.
For individuals who are experiencing undue hardship due to COVID-19, our Angel Fund is available on an emergency basis. We are also anticipating the economic impact of the virus on our non-profit community as they cancel or postpone fundraising events and/or respond to increased community need or unforeseen operational costs. Non-profits may access our Save-the-Day grant program . If you would like to help provide a safety net to our community, we encourage you to give directly to local non-profits or to our Angel Fund (individuals) or Save-the-Day Fund (nonprofits) today.