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Selecting the best online platform for your worship services
As the nation continues to adjust to the ever-changing coronavirus pandemic, and President Donald Trump recommends limiting gatherings to no more that 10 people, it forces churches to recreate a typical Sunday service when the sanctuary is full, to now having the sanctuary empty and your online platform full of worshippers. 
Rev. F.D. Sampson, Jr., NBCA's Social Media Director, has provided helpful tips for pastors as you shift to online worship services (e-church) utilizing streaming technology. Rev. Sampson, Jr. also noted that n o matter which platform you select, the clarity of the microphone is extremely important and he recommends purchasing the  Blue microphone from Yeti. For your convenience, below is a link to Amazon. 

Additionally, Rev. Sampson has made himself available to answer additional questions from pastors via his email at
  • Facebook Live is a video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast from their mobile devices straight to their Facebook news feed. This is the quickest way for churches and pastors to get an online presence; however, pastors must remember that it is live to the entire world and there is no option to edit what is said.
  • Facebook Live can lead to a bigger viewing audience. Your members can share your streaming with their Facebook friends and rapidly increase the number of people watching your live stream. 
  • You can broadcast from your home via mobile device, iPad, computer or laptop.
  • People looking for a church to join may find your church on Facebook.
  • Facebook currently does not have music licensing coverage, so please reference Facebook policies before playing music during your streaming services.
  • Because you do not own/control your Facebook page, any content that is outside of their terms and conditions can be taken down from Facebook.
  • You must have internet service use Facebook Live.
  • People should check with their cell phone provider to see if there will be any additional costs on their phone bill to use or watch Facebook Live.
  • You can record videos and upload them in case you are not comfortable streaming live.
  • YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, and one of the most popular online video platforms.
  • You can create a free YouTube Channel where all of your videos will be stored. People can subscribe to your channel and be notified when you go live or add a new video.  In addition, people can search for your YouTube Channel name and watch your videos.
  • You can only live stream from your mobile device if you have 1,000 subscribers or more.  If you do not have 1,000 subscribers, you can still live stream via a laptop or computer with a webcam and a microphone.  
  • Must have internet service.
  • Make sure to reference YouTube terms and conditions, as well as their music copyright policies.
  • People should check with their cell phone provider to see if there will be any additional costs on their phone bill.
  • Perfect platform for more controlled settings such as auxiliary meetings, deacons meeting, Bible study, Sunday school and other weekly church meetings.
  • Obtaining a conference call number is usually free (example company is and is easy for people to dial in.
  • Conference calls can be recorded, and a link can be sent to those who missed the meeting so they can still hear the call.
  • You can usually have up to 1,000 people on your conference calls.
  • You can also use most conference call platforms as a video conference call platform, so you can have different people presenting during the call and your members can see them.  
  • If you're using it for a conference call, no internet service is needed.
  • People should check with their cell phone provider to see if there will be any additional costs on their phone bill.
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