Dear Friends,

Over the past several months, the world has been inundated with news of the coronavirus. Actions have recently been taken by government agencies, academic institutions, and religious organizations in an attempt to help slow the spread of this virus. Our desire at Boone Trail is not to be fearful or panicked about circumstances; after all, we serve a sovereign God who is in absolute control of all things. However, we also recognize there is great wisdom in ministering to one another during times like this. In our desire to minister wisely and lovingly to the entire congregation, we would like to share with you the following items.

First, we are cancelling our Live Groups for this week. While we hate to impede upon this wonderful time of fellowship and learning, we feel this small step will be beneficial for the protection of those in our midst who may be especially vulnerable.

Second, this virus has been notably impactful on the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. For those of you in this condition, please know that we understand your concerns. If you are especially vulnerable due to age or a suppressed immune system, please do not feel obliged to attend church services. We do not provide this counsel lightly; however, we recognize the unusual circumstances surrounding this virus.

Third, if you are exhibiting signs of sickness, please, out of concern for others, stay home and take care of yourself. We desire what is best for you and also for others who may be at higher risk of contracting any sickness. Parents, please click here to view the church policy related to sick children in our childcare ministry.

Fourth, the church and preschool are both taking extra measures to provide cleaning and sanitization. We have hand sanitizing stations set up throughout the building, and bathrooms are conveniently located so you can wash your hands. Please take advantage of those measures. Along with that, please consider not shaking hands during this time. We have implemented such measures at other times as well (flu season, for instance) and think it would be good to implement that policy again now. As an alternative, consider a head nod, a wave, an elbow bump, or maybe even a bow and curtsy (just kidding on that last one). We are friendly here at Boone Trail, and we are creatures of habit. However, please consider others and limit such physical contact during this time.

Fifth, we want to again remind you of how much your pastors love you and want to serve you. However, in order to provide protective measures for you and others, we will, of necessity, be limiting face-to-face visitation. This in no way is indicative of a lack of love for you; actually, quite the opposite, it is a way to protect.

Finally, we will continue to monitor the progress of this virus and consult with others. If there is a need, we will certainly consider canceling a Sunday morning service. Churches in other areas of the nation have already taken such measures, and, as much as we would hate to do so, we will seriously consider canceling if the need arises. Again, we pray you will see this as indication of our love for you and desire to serve and care for you well.

Of course, there is an impact that comes with canceling services and lessened attendance. We hate to even mention such a pragmatic issue, but necessity demands we must. Even though, activities may not take place at the church, we still have our regular financial obligations. Therefore, can we please encourage you, if services must be cancelled or you are fearful of attending, that you still graciously give for the ongoing ministry budget of the church. You can either give online by clicking here , placing a check in the mail, or dropping your giving off at the church office.

We take these current actions out of an abundance of love and to provide pastoral care. We will continue to keep you informed of any actions the church takes related to this. Please be safe and take care of yourselves.