Coronavirus Impact on GCA Meetings
16 Mar 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We want to let you know how the GCA Board of Directors and Board committees will continue to function during the coronavirus pandemic.

In person Board and Board committee meetings have been cancelled until it is deemed to be safe to have meetings and gatherings.

As soon as possible, the Board will conduct virtual meetings using technology such as Microsoft Teams.
GCA Bylaws provide at Article III Section 4 that the Board may vote in writing without a meeting, i.e. by email. The vote must be unanimous by this method. Votes taken by this method will be ratified at a later in person Board meeting.

Residents are encouraged to continue to contact board members via the email links on the GCA web site and we will do our best to respond while limiting exposure.

Since we value and enjoy what makes Glenmore special, please be sensitive to the needs of our neighbors and particularly the elderly during this extraordinary and challenging time.

The GCA Board of Directors