The South Carolina Dental Association (SCDA) continues to monitor the ever-changing environment of the Coronavirus. We will continue to send out information that will hopefully be beneficial and helpful.
We have received calls asking for help dealing with the complications from the current situation. Today we are providing some legal guidance regarding employment law to address concerns of staff and salaries. The SCDA has partnered with Kris Cato who is a certified Labor and Employment Specialist. She provides day to day assistance to employers dealing with employment related issues such as contracts, wage/hour issues, affirmative action, employment contracts, etc.  
Please click here for FAQ's that Kris has put together. If you have follow up questions, feel free to contact Kris Cato directly at and let her know that you are an SCDA Member. The SCDA has worked out a relationship with Ms. Cato where the SCDA will be billed for simple follow up questions. You will not be charged in that situation, however, more complex questions or situations may require you to incur expenses.
Based on member questions, you might also consider:
  1. Contact your banker to let them know your situation and possible strategies to consider if this situation lingers.
  2. Modify work hours to provide patients a reliable time for you and your staff to be available for questions, responses, and urgent or emergency care.
  3. For offices where it is practical, this might be a chance to work on those projects that never get done due to patient care schedules.
Thank you for your trust during these difficult times.  
Julia K. Mikell, DDS
SCDA Interim President 
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