Siena College Poll
  • Coronavirus Pandemic Pushes Cuomo to Record High Ratings; Voters Trust Cuomo over Trump on NY Reopening 78-16%

  • Half of NYers Know Someone Who’s Tested Positive; One-Third Know Someone Who’s Died from Coronavirus; Both Numbers Higher Downstate than Upstate

  • Near Universal Support for Gov’s Orders to Extend NY ‘On Pause’ & Require Masks

  • Half Say Someone in Household is Working from Home, Who Usually Doesn’t; One-Third Say Someone in Household is Continuing to Work Outside the Home; 32% of New Yorkers Say Someone in Their Household Has Been Laid Off
Contact Information
Siena pollster Steven Greenberg will be available starting at 8 am Monday, April 27 via phone or Skype.

Email him at or call/text at 518-469-9858 to arrange for interviews; do not hit 'reply' to this email to reach Greenberg.
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