Coronavirus Policy
March 4, 2020

Dear Families:

As a follow up to last nights' email from Superintendent Dr. Cheeseman which contained his letter and a FAQ document, I am sending this message to ALL families with students at TCHS.

Per the policy outlined in Dr. Cheeseman’s letter:

“All students and school personnel returning from international travel are required to get written medical clearance from their physician before returning to school. This written medical clearance letter, signed and stamped by a licensed physician, must be submitted to the school administration prior to your return.”

Effective today, March 4, 2020, and going forward for the remainder of this school year, any family with students enrolled at Trinity Catholic High School who plan to travel outside of the United States between today and June 17 th , 2020, must take the following steps:

1.     Send me (copying Betsy Mercede) an email indicating the dates of your trip and the
country of destination. 
2.    Upon return from your trip obtain written medical clearance from your physician.
3.    Submit this medical clearance form to me prior to your students return to the TCHS


Scott Smith