April 1, 2020
Coronavirus Status - #4
Milwaukee Valve remains an Essential Supplier to essential industries and markets. Work is continuing on many commercial and industrial job sites across the country, while others have been shut down as a result of local and state orders. The same holds true for the (MRO) services side of our business; these are all considered Essential. Through clear and open communication with our suppliers, no delays to orders are expected. For operations at our facilities, Milwaukee Valve is taking orders, filling orders and shipping orders. We are poised to service all of your valve needs during this time.

As the situation evolves, uncertainties remain. Milwaukee Valve will continue to monitor developments and the potential impact to our supply chain and overall operations. Any changes will be communicated immediately. 

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Ball Valve Pressure Markings
Inquiries are often received about the pressure markings found on the BA-475B brass ball valves. These valves feature two markings – 5G and the ½ PSIG marking. These are required markings pertaining to specific installation standards when the valve is used as gas shut-off valves. These markings simply provide a visual indication that the valves are certified to a particular standard for use.

It is not the design of the valve that limits the pressure to these values. The restraints of the two standards are the limiting factor, and only in the application as gas shut-off valves. Outside of these specific installations, the BA-475B is still rated to 600 PSIG Water, Oil or Gas.
The 5G mark signifies that the valve meets the requirements of ASME B16.44.
B16.44 applies to quarter-turn, manually-operated metallic valves, intended for indoor installations as shutoff valves when installed in above- ground, fuel-gas piping, downstream of the gas meter outlet and upstream of the inlet connection to a gas appliance. The valves covered by B16.44 are limited to application temperatures between 32° F and 125° F at pressures not to exceed 5 PSIG. 
B16.44 does not apply to manually-operated gas valves which are an integral part of a gas appliance. Manually-operated integral gas valves are subject to the American National Standard for Manually Operated Gas Valves for Appliances, Appliance Connector Valves, and Hose End Valves, ANSI Z21.15/CGA 9.1 ANSI Z21.15 states that " A permanent marking specifying the maximum pressure rating of ½ PSIG (3.5 KPa) shall be provided on each valve".

Understandably, folks tend to get tripped up with regard to the two markings mentioned above, given the valve’s overall design rating of 600 psig Water, Oil or Gas. Certifications for both standards are done by The CSA Group.

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