Issue 166| March 5th, 2020
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New Virus Fighting Strategies!
I've learned a lot in the last few days, so click the video to the right to see two more great supplement ideas.

Also discussed is what the experts and researchers have discovered this week, along with what they are recommending.
Free Home Xercise Video Coming to You Soon!
Does the Coronavirus have you trapped at home? Maybe with the kids too, due to a school closure? Did your employer tell you to work from home? Maybe just scared at home? Have no fear! X Gym is here!

Because you are a VIP list subscriber, you will get a free routine to do in your home, with no equipment needed. And, of course, it will take only 21 minutes.

I'm designing, filming and editing it for you now, while on vacation in Hawaii, so stay tuned for a new issue soon with that feature video.

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X Gym is Still Open, Clean, and Uncrowded, as Always!
Big, crowded gyms are emptying out fast this week for two main reasons:

1.) The New Year's "Resolutionaries" were already dropping like flies this time of year, so this Coronavirus scare provided them with a very convenient excuse to dropout altogether.

2.) Big gyms are nasty and dirty with lots of sweaty people breathing hard on each other, so even attendance with the "regulars" crowd is dropping off fast.

Luckily, for X Gym members though, the X Gym is CLEAN and NEVER CROWDED because we are a small boutique studio instead of a big box gym for the masses.

We also have online one-on-one personal training, so even for our members trapped at home for work or because of the kids, we can train them there LIVE through their phone, tablet, or laptop!

Plus, we have the X Gym Xercise App for those who want yet another home Xercise option. Just click the options below to learn more.
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