March 11, 2020
Coronavirus Update...  
Or Why There Is No Effect On
Your Milwaukee Valve Orders
As the worldwide economy confronts the consequences of the coronavirus contagion, we felt that it was important to keep our specifying engineers, installing contractors and stocking distributors informed as to the internal steps that Milwaukee Valve is taking to address this issue.

In addition to the news of the day, several customers questioned the effect that the coronavirus might have on performance, lead times, inventory levels, etc. Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve owns two plants in China, and several product lines are manufactured in those facilities.

As with any production-related issue, timing was of extreme importance. The coronavirus first came to our attention shortly after the start of the Chinese New Year, which is one of the most-celebrated holidays throughout China. Chinese New Year ran from January 24 – February 3, when most workers return to their traditional family homes, and during when most manufacturing is shut down throughout China.

Following the traditional celebrations, travel restrictions were implemented due to the virus preventing travel until February 17 th . Obviously, this resulted in delays for workers attempting to return to their jobs. Our facilities remained shut down until February 18 th , with shipments resuming several days after that.

It is important to note that, so far, we have had NO employees or family members infected, and the region where we are located is considered more stable. Our supply chain of an additional 75 sub-tier vendors is also back to work and supporting our needs.
As one can imagine, there are new administrative protocols both in China and the US to be followed as we resume full operations. At this time, we don't anticipate ANY delays in getting material from China. For instance, February shipments from our China facilities were on plan for the days open, but we had built up inventory in both China and in New Berlin in advance of the typical holiday shutdown. Manufacturing has resumed, and shipments from China are on plan and on the way to New Berlin. Of course, the situation is still evolving globally, but as anything changes, customers will be advised accordingly. 

Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve customers have realized substantial benefits because of the increased inventory levels programmed into our systems prior to the Chinese holidays. Our facilities are operating on our typical production schedules, reducing the chances for inventory shortfalls. Inventories are at programmed levels, with imminent deliveries scheduled for New Berlin. Should you have concerns on outstanding orders, please don’t hesitate to contact your regional manager or customer service representative.

Business continuation plans are in place as part of our standard operating procedures. Should there come a time where US operations in Wisconsin are affected, we will be able to continue to serve and advise our vital and supportive customer base quickly and accurately.
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