Coronavirus Update #104
HFAM Update and Thank You


This morning I was blessed to spend some time outside talking at length with the team at CommuniCare BluePoint while dropping off doughnuts. I so appreciate the team at BluePoint and all of the healthcare heroes in our sector and across all healthcare settings. COVID-19 attacked our nation and it hit us hard because of the nature of the virus and the pre-existing conditions of the people in our care as well as many of the employees in our sector. 

Thanks to your tireless and dedicated care giving, today more people are recovering from COVID-19 than are dying in our sector, and for now cases are down. But make no mistake – until there is a broadly available vaccine, COVID-19 is with us. There IS a correlation between how “hot” COVID-19 is in the community and the “hotness” of COVID-19 in skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living campuses, and senior housing in that community. People of all ages and in all settings with pre-existing conditions will continue to be at risk.

As I have written before, you and your teams have been fighting a battle against COVID-19 and we will need to double our efforts to support care teams both emotionally and medically. In talking with my colleague leaders in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living, I know that leader and staff burnout is real. In addition, because non-urgent procedures have not been performed in hospitals in months, census in our nursing homes is historically low. Most of our members work with Concentra on issues of workplace health as well as with other EAP resources, and I encourage you to reach out to Concentra and others. Click here for additional information on Concentra.

We are truly seeing the POWER of association, and frankly we would not be getting the help of our federal government without the leadership of AHCA/NCAL. Make no mistake, our sector is forever changed by COVID-19 and together we will navigate a new normal going forward. The true power of our association is when we adapt to new realities and align in agreement toward a shared goal and when together take action toward the achievement of that goal. We are our most powerful when we are united and accountable for the good of the order, when we realize that focus is power and that an association cannot be all things to everyone, and also when we know that we are only as strong as our weakest link. A reminder here about my piece in McKnight’s – CLICK HERE .

Continuing priority areas in our new normal:

  • Fighting COVID-19 – we will be doing this at least over the next year
  • The withdrawal of the National Guard and Bridge Teams
  • Staffing – support, training, recruitment, and retention
  • Government Funding and sector financing
  • Regulatory Reform – well conceived and poorly conceived
  • Litigation and Liability

Now is the time of the POWER of association! And it will indeed be a marathon and not a sprint.

Universal messages we have sent time and time again:

  • Focus on providing quality care
  • Value your team
  • Over communicate with residents, patients, families and staff
  • Operate DRIVEN your infectious disease protocol
  • Take and document your action
  • Keep a timeline
  • Work with your hospital partners, and coordinate with local and state regulatory partners
  • Training - now is the time to be continuously training on PPE, Donning, Doffing and all things infectious disease protocol, workforce/workflow

Thank you for all you do! Potential power is realized with unity, focus, and consistent right action.  Remember: today more people are recovering from COVID-19 than are dying in our sector! Thank you!

Be well,
Joe DeMattos
President and CEO
A Message from our Partners at ACHA/NCAL: 71 st AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo Will Be A Virtual Event
"Every year we look forward to seeing many of you at the AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented our profession with extraordinary challenges, and we have been analyzing the feasibility of continuing to hold convention as planned, factoring in travel bans, social distancing mandates, limits to the size of gatherings, and the uncertainty of the virus numbers in the fall. 

We recognize that you and your staff are on the front lines working tirelessly to protect the residents in your care. This will likely continue until there is an effective vaccine, viable therapeutic, and/or an organized contact tracing program. To protect the health of all attendees, as well as your residents and staff back home, AHCA/NCAL has decided to offer the 71st Convention & Expo as a virtual event.

Although this decision will change the way we gather this year, we know that it is still necessary and important to share experiences and knowledge with each other during this challenging time. AHCA/NCAL is committed to working with you, as well as faculty, sponsors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders, to deliver an impactful, engaging, and valuable experience this fall. Complete details will be shared in June.

We salute you for your unwavering efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens during this stressful and unprecedented time in long term and post-acute care. We are proud to represent you in Washington, D.C., and we look forward to connecting with you in October. "
CANCELLED: CMS Lessons from the Front Lines

Today's CMS Lessons from the Front Lines: COVID-19 call (Friday, May 29 from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern) is cancelled. This call series will resume next Friday, June 5.

Who are your healthcare heroes?

There are so many amazing stories of dedication, sacrifice, and compassion by long term care professionals who are going above and beyond to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of residents during this unprecedented time. These individuals are saving lives; they are heroes.

We want to hear your stories!

Please email   to share a current story and picture of members of your team who are going above beyond to provide quality care during this unprecedented time. 
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Thank you.

We cannot thank you enough for the dedication and diligence in doing all that you can for the residents in your communities. HFAM continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic with our state and national partners and will do all we can to support you during this time.