The health and wellness of our members, your communities, and your families is the priority during these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 crisis will have long-term and far-reaching effects on all of us. Although swimming may not be the priority for most right now, many of you have already expressed a longing to get back in the water for a USMS workout or to race in a USMS event. Our focus at USMS during this pandemic is to continue to support our membership any way we can and ensure USMS workouts and events can resume as quickly as possible when it is deemed safe.

Currently, many of our local pools are closed, upcoming USMS events have been postponed or canceled, and we’ve been directed to distance ourselves from social settings or, in some cases, shelter in place. During this period of uncertainty, USMS will strive to deliver our members (whether you are a swimmer, coach, club, facility administrator, event director, official, volunteer, or combination of it all) a continued connection to the water; health, wellness, and fitness tips; and, where possible, to foster social connections with your teammates and fellow swimmers.

Below are some of the things you can expect from USMS in the coming days and weeks:

  • A toolbox of resources and suggestions on how to stay engaged with your swimmers while your club’s normal operations are suspended is forthcoming. 
  • Webinars to stay in contact with peers and share suggestions on communication, planning, and navigating challenging times with aquatics facilities, among other topics.
  • Communications in addition to STREAMLINES for Coaches from the USMS Club and Coach Services department are forthcoming to share updates, ideas, and address challenges. 
  • USMS will be developing support strategies to help clubs resume operations as quickly as possible once it is deemed safe to do so and facilities are reopened. 


  • USMS recommends all sanctioned and recognized events be suspended through May 10, in accordance with current recommendations from the CDC. This may last longer based on updated guidance from the CDC and federal government.  
  • We’ll be preparing to reinstate events as quickly as possible once it is deemed safe to do so. 
  • USMS will be coordinating with Local Masters Swimming Committee volunteers to provide support to event directors and ensure meets and open water swims can resume quickly.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those people who have and will be affected by this virus, and we appreciate all of those on the front lines working to contain it. We encourage you all to stay in contact with your teammates and support each other as much as possible during this time. The USMS staff and volunteer leadership will continue to plan and ensure we are prepared and able to support you, our clubs, and our events when we can return to swimming. 

Until then, we’ll provide additional updates as we have them. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, needs, suggestions, or concerns.  

Stay safe,

Dawson Hughes, USMS CEO
Peter Guadagni, USMS President

You can contact USMS via the following methods:

National Office Phone – (941) 256-8767