Amidst the immense efforts at the national, local and family levels to manage the spread and treatment of the coronavirus, it is very important to me that you know we are truly here for you. I encourage you to contact me or any member of our team as often as necessary for reassurance, perspective or to discuss specific steps we are taking on your behalf.

Many of us are working from home, caring for children who are not in school, worried about the health and wellbeing of friends and family, and wondering when “all this will end.” Adding to the challenges we are facing is the need to limit social interactions. I understand the sense of isolation you may be feeling and the need for support and understanding. Nothing is more important to us than doing everything we can to provide you with the support, guidance and advice necessary to help you make sense of what is happing and regain a level of control over the circumstances as they are.  

Our concern for you is not limited to your financial plan or investment strategy, it extends to your overall wellbeing. We are all dealing with a lot at the moment. For many of us, there is a surreal aspect to the situation. Literally within days, we have become totally immersed in something that seemed to be happening far away and to people we do not know. For a period of time going forward, almost every aspect of our daily lives will be different, and our emotions may be running from frustration to fear and maybe even anger. There is no need to “go it alone.” Please contact us.  Of one thing I am absolutely certain, together, we will get through this.

Additional perspective on the markets you may find helpful.

  • Investors can’t sell the same investments twice, and investors most prone to selling will eventually be flushed out. This is partly the reason why the pace of the stock market’s decline will likely slow, stabilize, and eventually rebound.

  • Fear will subside once the flow of new bad news slows, efforts to manage the spread of infection take hold and plans to ease the financial burden on individuals and small businesses are implemented.

We are working around the clock to monitor fiscal and monitory policy actions that may impact the markets, consult with our investment managers, and identify potential opportunities during this very difficult time. For example, we are receiving inquiries from some clients interested in investing more or adjusting their risk levels to lean further into stocks. Depending on your situation, such a move could shorten the time it takes for your portfolio to recover and potentially enhance its overall performance. Another potential opportunity may be in the area of debt refinancing, especially mortgages given the trend toward lower interest rates. Acting on opportunities such as these, may feel a bit uncomfortable at the moment, but may actual benefit your overall financial standing in the long run. If you would like to discuss these opportunities of any other adjustments to your investment strategy or financial plan, please reach out to us.  

In closing, I want to emphasize - we have a genuine concern for you, and we are here for you anytime and as often as needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the team. 

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