Coronavirus Update 8.10.20
MRA Common questions regarding Governor's announcement

Are cocktails to go still permitted?
Cocktails to go are absolutely still permitted. Alcohol to go must be sold in conjunction with food (this has not changed and has always been the requirement). 

Is there an appeal process for previously scheduled events that exceed the occupancy restrictions for gatherings?
As of right now, there is no appeal process for previously scheduled private events that place after the effective date of the new regulations.
The new regulations for private events and gatherings take effect tomorrow:
  • Limit outdoor gatherings from 100 to 50 people
  • Indoor gatherings limit will remain at 25 people

Has the ABCC issued a new order?
Yes, it can be found here.

From the National Restaurant Association
Restaurant Job Growth Slowed Significantly in July
The restaurant industry continued along its long road to recovery in July, albeit at a much slower pace than the previous two months, according the Association’s latest research report. Eating and drinking places only added a net 502,000 jobs in July on a seasonally-adjusted basis, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
In what would typically be a record-breaking payroll expansion in normal times, July’s half-million employment gain represented a significant slowdown from the 1.5 million jobs added in both May and June. As a result, employment at eating and drinking places remains well below February’s pre-coronavirus level of 12 million.
Looking forward, restaurant job growth will likely be uneven in the coming months, due to the uncertainty associated with spiking COVID-19 case levels and the potential for renewed restrictions in many parts of the country.

6 Best Practices for Restaurant Delivery, Especially During Coronavirus
Whether running your own fleet of drivers or working with a 3rd party delivery service, there are practices you can put in place to make the process of off-premises delivery go smoothly.
Best practices include:
  • Designating an employee as your delivery specialist
  • Organizing to handle increased orders
  • Packaging orders well
  • Making delivery instructions clear
  • Establishing communication between customer and driver
  • Taking extra COVID-19 safety steps

Support Restaurant Strong Through PPE Purchases – MRA Member, Your Social Mask
Your Social Mask was designed to give people to opportunity to enjoy eating and drinking once again in a social setting. The mask gives people the ease of dining at a restaurant and socializing without taking off their masks and exposing their full face, or worrying about where to place the mask when it is removed. With a simple Velcro strip, the mask is opened and fastened on the side for access to your mouth to eating and imbibing ease. Straws can also be inserted from the bottom of the mask without it having to be unfastened. Net profit of proceeds from every mask sold will be donated to two food-related charities, Restaurant Strong and World Central Kitchen.
The mask is available for presale online at 
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