Coronavirus COVID-19
May 8, 2020

Good afternoon Gilpin Hall Family,

I know that Sunday will be especially difficult for those celebrating Mother's Day. Not only will you miss seeing your loved ones at Gilpin Hall, but many of us will also not be able to spend time with children and grand-children. If only the precautions could be lifted for just one day, but the risk is too great and I feel certain you would agree.

Gilpin Hall is still COVID-19 negative and we have no residents or staff currently waiting for test results. We remain extremely thankful. Delaware Public Health is beginning to roll out opportunities for voluntary testing of asymptomatic residents and staff. We expect further guidance and are beginning discussions as to how we will proceed. This process will require a well laid out plan and we will keep you informed as we move forward.

I have included below a "Message from Long-Term Care Ombudsman", explaining the role of the Ombudsman's Office and providing contact information. Please contact them if you require services.

Thank you again for your support and I hope you enjoy your weekend.
Warmest regards,
Linda Schwind

´╗┐Message from Long Term Care Ombudsman
Gilpin Hall | 302-654-4486