Coronavirus COVID-19

July 20, 2020

Dear Gilpin Hall Family,

On Thursday, July 14th, the Division of Health Care Quality, Office of Long Term Care Residents Protection, performed an unannounced, on-site Infection Control Survey. As was the case with our May, 2020 Infection Control Survey, I am pleased to report that they again found no deficiencies! Well done Gilpin Hall team!!!

The July testing of all asymptomatic residents showed no positive results. We are very thankful and will continue to test monthly, or more frequently should any resident present with symptoms.

This communication will also serve as the required notice that we have received another positive finding for an asymptomatic staff member as a result of last week's testing. This staff member will be sent for re-testing to confirm this result. Until the result of follow-up testing is received, and appropriately thereafter, the staff member will self-isolate. We will be in regular contact to assess any on-set of symptoms and will follow all return to work guidelines.

The staff member reported to you on Friday, July 15th, as being positive, remains on leave from duty as we evaluate to determine a safe path for returning to work. This person continues to be asymptomatic.

With the positive staff results that have been reported, I believe there may be some question as to whether or not your loved one has had direct contact with the positive individual(s). Upon receipt of any positive result, an investigation is conducted into the activity of the positive person to determine potential for direct resident or staff exposure. To date, our investigations have not shown an increased risk to any resident or other staff member. We believe that, because our staff has been working using full personal protection equipment (PPE) since early April, the likelihood of exposure in-house is greatly reduced. If we find, however, that your loved one may have been directly exposed, we will, of course, contact you.

The safety and well-being of all residents and staff is our top priority and we continue to work to minimize risk based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Delaware Public Health (DPH). Also, please be reminded that, due to government privacy requirements, we cannot divulge specific information about any individual who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19. 

Thank you very much for your on-going encouragement and support and I will keep you informed as we move forward. Please direct any questions to

Linda B. Schwind, NHA
Executive Director
Gilpin Hall | 302-654-4486