Coronavirus COVID-19
June 24, 2020

Dear Gilpin Hall Family,

Happy Summer! I hope that you are able to take some time away over the next few months to refresh and enjoy time with family and friends. Even though these times will still require caution, the interaction with others will be good for all. 

We continue to have no cases of COVID-19 among our residents and staff. Staff testing is being done weekly and we appreciate the support of Delaware Public Health in providing the tests. Effective July 1, 2020, we will be required to offer monthly testing to all asymptomatic residents, however, residents will have the right to refuse. We will be talking to residents and/or contacting responsible parties over the next week to determine desire for testing. It is important to note that a resident must be tested if they become symptomatic or come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

In previous emails, I have provided information about the Ombudsman Program in Delaware, along with a description of their services and contact information. I am including this information again today. Even though I have made this available to you, they still want me to release to them the names and contact information for all responsible parties. This is something I am not at all comfortable doing. Instead, I would ask that you please let me know if you want me to provide your personal information. If so, I will honor your request. Otherwise, I will assume that you do not want this information released. 

We all want to know what re-entry for visitors will look like when the time comes. We are not sure yet, but we will follow guidelines and do all we can to minimize any risk. Due to the vulnerability of our residents, and the need to protect our staff so that they can be here to care for you loved one, we do not anticipate a swift return to “normal”. We will keep you posted as we move forward.

Thank you for your continuing support and kind words.  Please contact us at with any questions or comments.

Warmest regards,

Linda Schwind

Message from Long Term Care Ombudsman
Gilpin Hall | 302-654-4486