Dear Members of the Storm King Community;
As our second week of virtual learning comes to a close, our students and faculty seem to be doing well in the new format and are busy adapting to many new challenges. While we all continue to socially distance and stay at home, I wanted to offer some helpful information to those of you who might need it from two members of the Storm King Community.

First, to support students and parents that may be helping them manage their time and workload, our Director of Academic Support David Mendlewski has prepared a list of study and time management tips for staying motivated and productive while learning at home for this extended period.

In addition, many of us are feeling heightened levels of stress for various reasons attributable to the COVID-19 crisis. I have also included a communication prepared by Dr. Mark Guido and Dr. Sandy Regis with ideas about how to cope with this additional stress. Mark and Sandy have worked with The Storm King School for many years now, providing professional counseling to students and helping our faculty and staff with professional development and advice around topics related to adolescents.

Please click below to view these helpful resources:
Many thanks to Mr. Mendlewski, Dr. Guido, and Dr. Regis for their continued support of our students and community. All of us at Storm King continue to wish you the best in this difficult time and hope that you are all safe and healthy. Please continue to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns as always.

Jonathan W.R. Lamb, Head of School
To learn more about the COVID-19, please visit the following resources:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

In addition, The Storm King School will post updates and relevant information on our COVID-19 dedicated web page: